Friday , May 20 2022

Robbie Savage and Ian Vright among rebels of 250 players against PFA chief Gordon Tailor


The lost Gordon Tailor faces a great rebellion in the toughest challenge of his 37-year reign.

An open letter was made by a group of influential former and current players who demand that Tailor renounce his role as Executive Director of the Association of Professional Footballers.

The letter was distributed to VhatsApp on Sunday, and for more than 250 players, including former internationals Robbie Savage, Chris Sutton and Ian Vright, signed their support.

PFA President Ben Purkiss has already called for an independent review of the players' union.

Purkss, 34, announced pressure on the underground Tailor, who paid 2.2 million pounds last year – by far the highest earnings of any union in Britain – and is considered one of the most powerful men in English football.

Gordon Tailor comes under increasing pressure

Now there is an ever-increasing Tailor removal campaign and a full review of PFA, and current stars are investigating whether an organization is doing its job to protect its members.

The campaign warned that "the future of all current and former players depends on whether we have a fair, democratic and transparent community."

The letter was sent to Mirror Sport and read: "You may have seen that Ben Purkiss (PFA president) called for an independent review of the PFA.

"We support his call and I would also like to call for a just and democratic selection of the new Executive Director of PFA. During our career we never voted and this has to change.

"PFA must be open and accessible to everyone, every player must know when and how to vote, and PFA must lead people who want to be open, transparent and democratic." We call on Gordon Taylor to step down and allow PFA to modernize and develop.

President Ben Purkiss has called for an independent review of the PFA

"Please support this call for independent review and democratic choices by agreeing to add your name to these requests.

"The futures of all current and former players depend on having a fair, democratic and transparent community.

"If you can send me or send me an email to confirm your support, I will add your name to our letter that collects tempo and numbers. Thank you."

Purkiss is open in warning that the current PFA setting is not sufficiently transparent or provides sufficient support, especially for mental health issues.

However, Purkiss faced the reaction of the PFA, which now claims it is not suitable for the president because he is a player not contracted to Valsall.

Tailor told PFA delegates last week that the AGM assembly, due to be held on Tuesday, was delayed due to Purkiss's question.

Purkiss declined to step down, arguing that players who were not in the contract were always welcome by the PFA.

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