Saturday , September 24 2022

Robertson believes Liverpool will win the PSG


Liverpool defender Andy Robertson is sure to be able to beat Paris Saint Germain in France and provide qualifications for the group phase of the Champions League if they can rediscover their variant.

The defeat in Serbia against the Red Star in Belgrade means that Jurgen Klopp's side lost its place at the top of Group C, and one victory is needed against one of their hardest opponents to advance.

The failure to win the PSG in Paris would set a tense final, which could lead to victory in two clear goals to correct their record at the title against Series A.

However, Robertson is sure that he can do a job in France.

"Of course, we have to. We believe that we can win every game, it has always been the case with us," he said.

"We can do much better than two matches (far away) we had, they were out of the day and we have to watch it, of course we have.

"We were very good in the Champions League last season, and this season we found it a little difficult.

"We will still play the best team and we have to go there and do much better performance than we did.

"I knew this group would be difficult and it proves it that way, it's solid and it will go to the wire.

"We are still convinced that we will pass, but we have to go and try to prove it now."

Liverpool has only three victories in the last nine matches in all competitions – Red Star and Cardiff at home and Huddersfield – although it did not play well, it was acceptable when they won, according to such results in Belgrade it becomes different.

The clapper thinks it necessary to rediscover the form that made them so significant a proposal last season to double the sides with their intensity and firearms.

Robertson acknowledges that in the last three months they were not at best and that the high standards they set in the previous campaign are now what they will be judged.

"I think it's one of those times that we need to pass," added the captain of Scotland.

"Last season, we all got used to goals from four to five goals, which is certainly not possible.

"Sometimes we've dug out the results in the Premier League this season.

"Maybe it was not good to watch, but we were effective in that, but, yes, maybe we lack some spark in the sense that we do not win four or five in most games.

"We have to meet as a team and try to get what the gafer wants, try to make sparking to win games better.

"The guys are disappointed, and they are not hiding. Do not forget about these results quickly and that's what's happening.

"We'll definitely have a conversation and I'm sure there will be a few things to say."

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