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Shamrock Rovers signs the forward Cork Cummins


Shamrock Rovers has moved to strengthen his front line by signing Graham Cummins in Cork City for the rest of the season.

Finding the net was a problem at times for the Rovers this season and, therefore, it turned out to be a Friday crash in the first division with the leaders of the Dundalk league.

The Rovers created many occasions, but they were unable to turn them into a definitive counter attack by Sean Gannon, leaving them eight points behind league leaders.

Cummins hopes he can thrive with the type of supply that Rovers can offer to a forward and said: "I'm very excited.

"When I learned that Shamrock Rovers was interested, I was very happy. After playing Shamrock Rovers a couple of times this season, I was very impressed how to move the ball and how well they were in the league.

"I watched a Dundalk video game the other night and even the first ten minutes I loved the style of play. The way the ball moves and the movement of midfielders is exceptional.

"I have to win the right to play first, but I am sure that they will create many opportunities for me. But I have to enter the team first and I will not worry about it. I think I am a player that It works hard, I will always give everything to the team and I will always try to score. "

The 31-year-old striker does not fit the normal player model signed by the Rovers, but manager Stephen Bradley thinks it's worth doing an exception.

"It's true that we usually go for younger players, but Graham is proven, has experienced and won things. I'm sure he'll help us get things," he said.

"The great thing for me is that he wants to come to win a league. He wants to show people what a good player is and that he can score goals for this club and is refreshing when you feel that the players speak like that."

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