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Song in Toy Stories & # 39; 4 & # 39; is guaranteed to make & # 39; love in reality & # 39; Fans burst into Tears – VIDEO


Certainly, the Disney Pikar team must reaffirm their dominance over all their emotions, and the song in Toi Story 4 The trailer is doing it. The first teaser was released on Monday, November 12th, and in the event that you were crying too loud to clarify what is being played, it's "Two Parties Now" Joni Mitchell. It's already a suicide, on the one hand simple and shocking melodies and destructive verses. But anyone who has ever seen it Love Actually – and to face it, that's all of us – has a specific connection to this song, which makes it even more genetically designed to put you at risk of emotions.

As film lovers are likely to be noticed, Mitchell is a favorite artist Karen Emma Thompson Love Actually. And "both sides now" only cases represent a song that plays in the background when she realizes that her husband is cheating. Voof. So, with a song that is already intimately associated with this iconic scene, where Thompson drowned in the bedroom, before he used the brave face to rejoin his family, the viewers Toi Story 4 The trailer was a goner before she even started to play.

Fortunately for your tears, the trailer version is a bit better and faster, and it started from the beginning of the song. Fortunately, it is part of the texts that are registered somewhat lower on the scale for the heart.

Disnei • Icube Picnic

Like toys known and unknown drift in front of the blue sky background, the song lilac:

"The lines and flows of angelic hair

And ice cream castle in the air

And the canyons of feathers everywhere

This way I looked at the clouds "

Hey, that sounds so bad, is not it? Maybe you'll be able to go through this song without a salary? But anyone who is familiar with this song knows that this is a big thick "NOPE" because the song quickly changes the tone with another verse:

"But now they just block the sun

Rain and snow at all

So many things I would do

But the clouds stuck me "

In his own way, a minute and a long trailer tries to prepare an audience for the emotional wrecks available to them when this film comes out in June 2019. It has been expected for more than three years and Pikar animators have clearly dedicated this time transforming it to the waterworks factory.

Comedian Tim Allen plays Buzz Lightiear in his favorite movie series, and during the appearances For talk in September, he warned the audience that Toi Story 4 it will be done Too sad. As he told the panel:

"I have to resist to become emotional, I do not want to leave her, but this is an incredibly great story. So emotional, so ridiculous, so great, the idea they came from, I'm amazed … I could not even go through the last scene … It was difficult to pass a couple of scenes towards the end. "

You know it's a big deal if one of them actors is a warning audience about the amount of sadness. Especially because this is not Toy StoryThe first rodeo. Even a few years later, just a few notes "When She Loved" is still enough to disturb your day, and it is being held on the last offer.

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