Thursday , October 6 2022

31 Pro-Israel student organizations call on UCLA to cancel the SJP conference


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Thirty-one pro-Israeli student organizations sent a letter to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and the UC Board of Regents on 8 November calling on UCLA to cancel an upcoming National Justice Students' Conference in Palestine (NSSG) on November 16 and 18.

The letter states that the PSC violates the standards of the UCLA's "Principle of Communities" which prohibit "acts of discrimination, harassment, profiling or other conduct that inflict an individual's damage by expressing race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship or national origin, among other personal characteristics. "

"Just in May last year, UCLA was a scene of violence in the SJP: students of the Jews, Kurds and Armenia were physically and verbally abused to exchange their perspective on the campus," the letter reads. "In July, a SJP activist at Stanford had made national titles to call for violence against pro-Israeli students, while last year the SJP was suspended for two years by the University of California, Irvine, for attacks on groups of students."

The letter stated that the majority of hate crimes target Jews and that college camps tend to have more anti-Semitic incidents when they have a stronger anti-Zionist presence in the campus.

"The anti-Semitism of one man, Robert Bovers, led him to kill 11 Americans in the Pittsburgh synagogue simply because they were Jews," the letter says. "It's absolutely critical that UCLA takes the anti-Semitic rhetoric of SJP members seriously."

Here are some examples of such rhetoric:

Among the groups that signed this letter included students who supported the chapters of Israel in Columbia and the Santa Monica College, the Tikwah UC Berkeley organization and the Swarthmore students for Israel.

The City Council in Los Angeles urged UCLA to cancel the SJP conference.

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