Thursday , May 19 2022

El Al will study a controversial flight that is being diverted to receive religious travelers – Israel Nevs


El Al Israel Airlines said on Monday that it will set up a commission to investigate the circumstances that led the flight to New York to Tel Aviv to stop in Athens to allow religious travelers to disembark and avoid the destruction of Shabbat.

The Israeli national carrier has experienced serious criticism of the incident that took place last Friday and sparked a storm of social media.

Airline CEO Gonen Usishkin, who announced plans to set up a commission in a letter to employees, said the airline would also consider allegations that some passengers were violently treating the flight crew.

>> Controversies erupted due to El Al flight, redirected to Athens, to accommodate travelers who were familiar with themselves

"We are not at the very best – a polarizing discourse and an exchange of charges," he said. "This is contrary to our principles and values ​​as citizens of the state and as a national carrier flying the flag of Israel."

Flight 002, which was supposed to leave John F. Kennedy at 6:30 AM P.M. last Thursday, they delayed more than five hours due to bad weather. Dozens of passengers asked for permission to leave in New York for reasons of concern that they would be found after the launch of Shabbat.

Passengers were told to take their seats so that the plane could return to the gate, but instead the plane flew off.

What happened after that was controversial about the setting of social media. Some accuse religious travelers of being physically and verbally abused during the summer. Others say that guards arrived at information and services to religious travelers and did not tell them much later that the plane would land in Athens to let them go.

Usishkin said that during the entire year, El Ala's management is working to provide travelers who want to reach Israel as quickly as possible and at the same time ensure that Saturday Observers can not fly after the sun.

"Other external flights that were supposed to fly to Israel near the time of El Ala were canceled due to bad weather. We could cancel it, but we decided to try to get in the air in the interests of our passengers and bring them back home as soon as possible," said is Usishkin. "No other attitude has affected us."

El Al, who had previously apologized for the inconvenience caused by passengers, is estimated to have spent a billion shekels ($ 270,000) in order to stop Athens. Airlines, which do not fly as a policy on Jewish Saturday or large holidays, have been similar in the past year to avoid desertification of the Sabbath.

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