Sunday , May 22 2022

Government coalition draws bills from Knesset agenda following opposition bloc amendments – Israel Nevs


On Monday evening, the government coalition withdrew several accounts sponsored by the government from the Knesset agenda, fearing that it would not have the necessary majority.

The decision came after the opposition voted on Monday for the third and final vote. Initially, she announced that she would support the draft law and do it during the second of three necessary votes. He then voted against the bill in the final vote.

Earlier Monday, the coalition also lost four non-confidence submissions, sponsored by opposition MPs, after deciding to boycott the vote due to a procedural dispute with the opposition. However, a motion for a vote of no confidence can only demolish the government if it is supported by 61 MKs, and none of the Monday proposals has passed the threshold.

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A defeated account, a small change to the law on land registration, and the planning and construction of laws that sought to define a new type of party, have adopted their second vote 27-14. However, when opposition opponents suddenly changed the party in the third vote, they were defeated from 47-42.

Having left the government last week, Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Beitein, the coalition now orders only 61 out of 120 Knesset members. This means that even one missing or defiant MK can potentially result in a loss of voice.

"The government of 61 is a joy to the opposition," said British Parliamentarian Joel Hasson (Zionist Union) after the vote. "The bill that the government has now defeated is just a promotion" of what will come, he said.

"Welcome to your 61 coalition, happily," said Leader of the opposition Tipi Livni. This move, among other things, was led by MK Ofer Shelach of Iesh Atid, who said: "This rude coalition will collapse, it will not go through its evil legal regulations, and one will fall another defeat."

Chairman of the Committee on Internal Affairs Knesset Ioav Kish (Likud), whose committee prepared the bill, said that the law "was a strictly professional issue in which we worked together, both the coalition and the opposition," he said.

"Ioel Hasson, you are a liar, and you make other people lie to you. There is a limit to hypocrisy and behavior at this level that I have never seen before in Knesset."

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