Monday , May 23 2022

I have Hussein Abu Aiada, Rafah Friday: "Tie me on a missile and fire him in Tel Aviv"


Shahik Hussein Abu Aiada, head of the tribal and reconciliation department at the Hamas Ministry of the Interior, held a raid in military Rafah on Friday, November 16, 2018. Addressing Hamas and the military wing of Islamic Jihad, Shaykh Abu Ajada shouted: "Tie me to rockets and fire him in Tel Aviv … Enough with humiliation."

Abu Aiada also criticized the Gulf states, arguing that they are opposed to the reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah and to "support the Jews in the destruction of the Gaza Strip". Prorock was shot by Haidar Al-Sharif, and copies from him were released by Jihad Al-Sharif on his Facebook page. Audio and video effects of fire and projectiles are included in the original.

Hussein Abu Aiada: About the Al-Kassam brigade, the Oh Al-Kuds brigade, tie me up to the projectile and release him to Tel Aviv. I'm ready. Bring me to the missile. Enough with humiliation and shame!


The Jews are accustomed to be able to go to UAE and kill Al-Mabhouha, go to Tunisia and kill Al-Zavari, to go wherever they want … But when they came to the town of Bani Suheil, they went to the bags for body! When they came to the city of Abasan, they went in the sacks of the body!


Our "brother", the Gulf emirs oppose Fatah-Hamas]reconciliation. They support the Jews in the destruction of Gaza. They do not want people in Gaza to remember Kur'an. They want them [to be addicted] on hashish and opioids.


We have the result of settling down with the Jews. Prophet Muhammad promised victory for us.

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