Thursday , July 7 2022

Israeli High Court suspends the demolition of the West Bank terror house


An IDF soldier has issued an order to demolish a Palestinian suspect's house that killed two Israelis in an attack on the Barkan factory last week

The Israeli High Court on Thursday ordered the stopping of the planned demolition of a Palestinian terrorist home that killed two Israelis on the West Coast last month.

Ashraf Valeed Suliman (23) was on the run for a month after he arrested the Barkan office where he was employed on October 7 and killed two Israeli colleagues deadly.

On Tuesday, Israeli forces dispatched a Nazi family to a demolition squad for parts of the Shuweiki house he settled. On the upper floors, where the fugitive terrorist did not live, it should not collapse.

The High Court order comes the day after the large contingent of Israeli forces surrounded the home of Nassau, apparently before its demolition.

Israel is pursuing a policy of deterrence that demolishes Palestinian terrorist homes that are often overnight. Human rights groups say that this measure represents collective punishment, and the families of suspects are forced to endure for the actions of others.

IDF "longdesc =" http: // ,% 20north% 20of% 20Tulkarm,% 20October% 207,% 202018 "src =" https: // "style =" vidth: 609pk; "title =" IDF troops in the home of the attackers in the village of Shuveika in the north of Tulkarm, October 7, 2018 "/></p>
<p>In the middle of a monthly monastery for Nassau, Israeli forces set up posters throughout their hometown Tulkarem, warning that residents who help him bring punishments, including "extended detention, demolition of houses and cancellation [work] Allows both themselves and their families. "</p>
<p>The woman, who held a valid license to work in the industrial zone of Barkan, arrived at the offices of the Alon Group, armed with an illegally produced pistol on the Carlo Highway in which she tied and killed 28-year-old Kim Levengrond Iehezkel before that killed a 35- year-old Living Habiya.</p>
<p>The army has launched an investigation into how NASA could smuggle its weapons into a closed industrial park and whether it linked Levengrond Iehezkel with the intention of taking it for hostages.</p>
<p>Officials believe that Ms. Lava, who had left suicide before she had committed the attack, was preparing for the involvement of Israeli forces trying to arrest him. He is considered to be armed and dangerous.</p>
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