Sunday , May 22 2022

Now on Netflick, Frank Grillo is looking for a fight


NEW YORK (AP) – Most of the passengers in new places are usually not looking for a fight. Frank Grillo is definitely.

Fightworld, the new documentary series Netflika, traces Grillo, an actor and self-employed "enthusiast of the fight" while engaged in a globe to explore combat styles and cultures behind them.

"I will go into certain combat cultures," Grillo said. "And through the eyes of the fighters, we are exploring the culture of this place in a completely different way. It's very similar to what Anthony Bourdain did, but instead of food, those were fighters."

Grillo travels to places like Mexico, Thailand and Senegal, locations selected based on his knowledge of various combat disciplines in the country, such as Muai Thai, Wrestling and Boxing. "I know these things well, so I could go there and install myself instantly," he said.

Grillo also visited Israel, where citizens are asked to join the army because the country is surrounded by hostile nations. He asked the mayor of Jerusalem to define the Israelites in one word. "He said" fighting, "because that's in their DNA, it's in their blood."

Grillo had film roles in "Zero Dark Thirti", "End of Vatch" and played Brock Rumel in "Captain America: The Vinter Soldier" and "Captain America: Civil Var". He hears a lot of rumors about the next Captain America, even though the iconic character may not look like the previous version of the superhero.

Most passengers in new places are usually not looking for a fight. Frank Grillo is definitely in his new Netflik series "Fightworld." (November 16th)

"I do not know what will happen to Captain America, but would not it be great if Captain America is an Afro-American?" Grillo observed. "Or a woman?" Then he said: "Or an African-American woman?"

He also hopes that instead of asking people who paint color to portray traditional superheroes, it might be better to create new, diverse characters.

"Superman was a white guy with a black hair and a bend, is not it, so it's an unusual look from Superman, Can Superman be Anthony Mackie?" Of course, but I'd rather see Anthony Mackie do something else, "said Grillo . "Where are the new characters representing certain people?"

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