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Pleasure P negotiated the new project, LHH Miami, pretty Ricki Blunder, more

The singer and songwriter Pleasure P introduced himself to the world when he was the leading singer in the R & B Quartet, Pretti Ricki. During his time in the group, Pleasure showed his smooth, sad, melodious voice on several erotic and seductive singles, which attracted the attention of many, especially women.

Following the dissolution of the band, Pleasure released its solo debut album, The Introduction of Marcus Cooper. After the release of the project, R & B crooner dropped several singles, visited, worked on Break Up to Make Up microtops, and joined the franchise Vh1, Love and Hip-Hop Miami.

Now, in 2018, Pleasure P has released his second song, Likes Likes, via Cleopatra Records. A set of 10 songs includes his last single "Vassup".

Satisfaction recently spoke to Singersroom about the mics, releasing independent music, Love and Hip-Hop Miami, the tenth anniversary of her debut, and much more.

Singersroom: What feelings do you have with a new album on the day of release?

Pleasure P: Feelings …? You know what, I … I do not have any crazy feelings, because I know I put everything in something. As long as you put everything into music, which is the most important part, it's for everyone who gets it. In addition, it is only sold properly. Whoever likes it will usually get it. So, I do not feel any way.

But for some time you've been making music. Do you still get the same feeling that you got when you started or just go through the templates?

Because you are doing so much, you can not really appreciate it. Initially everything happened so quickly. You do not even know which album sales are actually. Things like that, when I came out, I did not know anything about the sale of the first week; I did not know anything about radio-gates … It was like, "Oh, let's say, we passed Platinum, oh, that's what it has" [Laughs]. Now, when I know, it's a good thing on which your career is based. We go platinum and this money hit that bank account. But because I'm independent, it's a completely different feeling.

How do you feel about album sales now? Is it more focused on streaming numbers than on physical sales when posting a project?

I'm happy, man … It (Streaming) saves lives of many people and allows the artist to make money. You know, the label can tell you that you owe this and owe it to yourself. Unless you know what kind of transactions they have done, you are in a blind situation. So, you owe a lot of money to these people and you do not know when you really get back because of how they do their books.

The story of your compilation album "Pleasure P Presents."

These are the artists I feel are talented coming under the umbrella. I wanted to light them up, so it's called "Pleasure P Presents."

How did you discover most of the artists on the project?

Only through good people. Each individual artist has a special story. It's seven different artists; I met them all in the right way. Everyone comes from Miami. I felt like I could use my platform to throw some light on my talent, because they are all talented, and the music will speak for itself.

15 years of experience in the game. How do you assess the talents now?

With my ears and my heart. I'm not whole, "How much are you flowing" or "How many supporters", no. Can you sing? Not only that, but how are you wearing it? What is your way of thinking? Because you can get an artist and this artist can be a nightmare. But these artists (on the compilation) are all good people in my book. They will make the sacrifices that I have made to become successful. If they succeeded today, they would not be on Hollywood shit tomorrow.

You are still flourishing your career both as a soloist and as a member of the group (Pretti Ricki). Why did you want to put everything you do on hold just to present a new talent?

Well … I put what I had to wait for "Love and Hip-Hop: Miami" to be broadcast in November. I wanted to leave my album about the show. But, as we had, we got all this permitting permission, so … let's go. I went to Australia for two months on tour. I was like … "You know a man, it's time to do something, let's go. When I return, let's go. We will start the project after the project after the project."

Now I've already recorded and I got a lot of music. People would be like "Where are you?" "Where you're going?" "Where have you been?" Not only do I spend music and I do not put anything on anything. So now we have the appropriate platforms and the right things. I'm just working now, it's next to my plan.

In "Pleasure P Presents", in your opinion, what is your favorite track on the project?

Man, I do not have a favorite. I mean … I like all of them equally. You have a song called "Usher Tell Iou" from the artistic name Maor (Maor Mo). He is an Israeli / Jewish child, and you would never expect him to have a lot of souls and sing R & B.

We have of course Amaru La Negra ("Bust a Vhine"). We also have Lore Turner, which is great dope. She is like the new Brandy, the new Vhitnei Houston. The song we have is an uptempo of the band, but the song of her voice is out of justice. When you make a ballad or something like that, your voice will take you to different places.

We have K Si Iang there too. That's my boy; He has a lot of doping music he rejoices. We have Popeie Caution, which is as a reggae version of Chris Brovna; he dances, he has a kind of shiny star here, and we have a song called "Wishlist" that is really drugged. We have Ronnie Vopa; his voice is on some levels of Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo … He's young, and he writes as well. Every song means something to me. I hope I have not left anyone, but yes, it's a drug.

Speaking of the whole region that you have, you now have only one distinguished name, "Bust a Vhine."

Yes, "Bust a Vhine," you yell my brother, Don Corleone. Don Corleone is my good friend. He produces artists such as Sean Paul and Rihanna; He made some footage with Migos. He got a lot of things this year too. I came to him and blessed me with this record.

SR: How did you know it was hit?

We do not know. During the study sessions, we invite some ladies to see what they are taking and what they do not take. If no one collects the head or anything, and that's a song we've never heard before, then we know it's a problem. Or we'll take her to a strip club.

I'll be down there, and I'll just give it to the DJ. If dancers do not really vibrate their songs, then you know, well, I have to get back harder. I check every mix or record I'm working on at this strip club in Fort Lauderdale called Vegas Cabaret. That's why I will go there, and DJ Magic will show me that love and play it. I will be: "It's not yet mixed, let me hear before I mix it."

Okay, we'll be back and fix this, and it will be a "rough mix". Then we send Faiben, the guy who mixes my music, he will get it, and he will put it rough. Then I'll get her back to Vegas (Vegas Cabaret), hear him there and tell him what to fix. Then we will master it, return it again, and then we know.

During these processes you will see whether the girls vibrate her or if people vibrate songs they have never heard before. Most of the time they work, so I test my records, and so I know how it's hit or not.

Why did you decide to make # BustAVhineChallenge behind the new single?

Women like to glow today. Some of them like to work, but if you look at those Spanish mammals and things like that. They are on the move, and I would just like to see more of that in the world, among other things. So I said, you know, let me give you some challenges and see how it goes.

And did you feel that Amara La Negra was perfectly suitable for the track?

She's like an artist. I fuck with her; She is a sincere good person. I had to take it on. Who knows who will be on the ride!

Who would have loved Remiks?

I think maybe Pitbull … Someone with some substance I have good friendship with. I do songs with people I meet with whom I have friendship. I do not do this because "Oh, this person has a lot of followers." Music, I hear you on the song. So I would do the Pitbull … I had several other people in mind for the remix, but we'll see how it goes.

Are you and Amara now alumni of love and hip-hop, how do you feel in the first season and go to the second season?

The first season I feel like Shai (Shai Johnson) has won, they have introduced me that this is a "cheat", and this is not the case. This is my ex girlfriend, and in scenes she just wants to meet and talk, no matter what, blah, blah, blah. They (Producers) would say: "You have not seen her for a long time, give her a kiss, as the French people greeted." And I'm not thinking about it. I am like, "[Kissing] Hey how are you."

On a special day they shot on stage and the scene is Shai cooking and she is trying to bring you the keys of her apartment, and we will rush him like this. Now, when I finally edit them, It looks like the same day Shai cooked for me, I am with an ex girlfriend, I kissed her, and I'm just this cheat that's not the case.

But I do not regret so much because it is a TV. As manufacturers and such things, they have to do their job to make the best performance. However, now I have to talk about my peace because I do not want my fans to think about what it is about, and I'm just a man, and that's what he has.

Now I am going to the second season, I do not know what the hell this will do to regulate, because I'm talking about it, but whatever I do, I'll be more willing to do it. It focuses more on what I've been through the past with Pretty Ricky, whom I am today, and how I feel about things. From the rumors that came to me from my people I know and have returned and helped everything. It's just I'm telling my truth.

You (Pretti Ricki) have returned together on the shovu. It was a key note to the fans who really wanted to see it. Because now you're making the last album and the final tour. Do you feel like it's "bitter-shine" to come in full circle?

I think … That's one thing I do not know, because music is in focus. The fans really still love that sound. Then we were younger; We're older now. The album we now have is a dope song and such things; We just have to finish it. We wait for one person to make his own verse. Whenever time comes, you will hear the project, but until then I've just focused on 'Pleasure P Presents' and all the poles that are on the project. I'm also focused on me just by posting more EPs, and more blends and more of those things.

Do not hold your breath. I'm not sure if there will be another Pretti Ricki album. I'm just moving now with my life. I went into the hands of God.

Are you worried about yourself?

I do not think I can do it because I'm very versatile. You may hear a song in Falsetto, but then you can hear a full loud song. You might be: "Well, damn it, I did not even know it was the same person." If I've been playing my project now, you'll be like, "That's you?" I would be like "Yes, I'm also in this sound."

I got a record house that took storm, it's called "Could iou Love Me", featuring Flo-Rida. We let it go and people did not even know that I was, and Varner Bros came to the table and gave DJs a song with arrangements for that record. But people did not know that I was; He played everywhere in U.K.

You and Flo-Rida have chemistry that goes back to 2009. What about the two of you who immediately clicked on?

To be honest, Flo-Rida was in the group called GroundHoggz, and I was the solo artist who recorded the demo. I was probably 16 when I went to Flo at that time. During my journey, of course, my career was played in Pretty Ricki, so I did not see it a bit. Accidentally, we went to L.A. to work on another album Pretti Ricki with DeVante Sving (Jodeci). Flo was signed for DeVante, so we reconnected there again: "Damn I did not know what it was."

Nine months after that, he (Flo-Rida) came with "Hunting", and he ended up signing it to Atlantic Records, as did me. We've already been seen all these times. I remembered during the trip I never stuck; I've always been on earth. It's just my brother, we've been kidding for years.

Based on this, you have two years.

Yes, in all my difficult times in this business, he allowed me to write the record "Divljaci". He allowed me to travel with him, let me do certain things in my time. These brothers work. Many things that we pass through as artists in this business, you can not really talk to a lot of people about it. He is one person that I can be: "Damn born, that you two, it happened to me when this is …" It's just vibration, it's my life sacrifice.

You came out with Pretty Ricky with Bluestar in 2005. You guys had such a successful success with that album and upgrade, which has led up to now. Would you consider yourself to be a godfather or Forever Miami R & B?

I do not. I feel, I'm just a young legend. So, I did all the youngsters. I am nominated for Young Grammys, sold millions or more young people, visited the world of young people, I experience many young people. He lived in Bel-Air Estates to the young. Everything I did, I would say that, definitely, since then, I am a young legend. Knowing a job is everything.

Do you feel like it's been 15 years?

That is. I feel older than people think because I saw it all. I saw every kind of man to see the damn close. All the motives, all kinds of shit, I saw a lot in my youth.

How do you feel about the current state of R & B?

Well, I'll always say it. You have artists like me, Mario, Bobbi Valentino, J. Holidai, Lloyd. You have a lot of artists who come out or come out with some things, but, at the same time, Urban Radio is now all Rag. Urban AC (Adult Contemporari), you have Keith Sveat, Johnny Gill, and you have all those older guys on the radio there. So we did not have anywhere to go. Now we are now going to Adult Contemporari.

I feel as though the state of R & B is at its lowest level, even though all are leaving the projects; Mario just dropped, J. Holidai comes out with a new project, Lloyd just dropped something. Everyone is still rejecting things, but I think that if we combined more music together, we supported more, as if your project came out, I'm keeping your shit, vice versa. Just like what the rappers do, and the more we travel, it will have a greater impact on people who really love it. Because they just hear whatever, anything, and have strength in numbers; This is what you will get.

Who are some new singers that you listen to that inspire you?

Man … I love Jackie's stuff. He was really cool when I met him. He told me to look at my music. When I listen to his things, he reminds me of the younger. I love listening to his stuff. Ummm … who else …? I'm not listening to a lot of new R & B.

Do you have Tori Lanez?

Tori Lanez is not a singer of R & B. He can not sing live; he can sing in the studio, but tell him to sing one of them, without any curse. Do not discredit him, but tell him to sing one of them live songs with nothing, he could not do it. For me it's not R & B. It's a matter of R & B. When those rappers do the "Sing" thing through anything. It's cool, I do not discredit them for what they do, but there are "Real" singers. Miguel is R & B, Pleasure P is R & B, Mario is R & B, Jackuees is R & B. Jacques can come to Instagram and sing. You are Vito Singer who is now out; singing all day on Instagram. I'm looking at that in terms of R & B, but I'm listening to all the guys I just called. Adrien Marcel is R & B I'm listening to all these guys.

So how did you feel when you heard Tori Lanez remix for your classic, "Grind on Me" with Jackuees?

It was a drug! They invited me to make my video. I finished recording for them, but I do not think the video has appeared.

This year you celebrate the 10th anniversary of your debut solo album, right?

Yes, the introduction of Markus Kuper. I've been like, and for 10 years since we've put this thing in, and it's still a classic album that you can play from top to bottom. " The next album you get from me will be the same way. All my music is good. I feel it. People who hear it never lie to me because of it, they like it. I just have to issue more products.

Knowing what you know now If you could tell your young man about something, what would it be?

I would say to myself for this project (Introduction to Marcus Cooper) to record videos for each song. We did not know that digital world, if we make videos for each song that would help the project much more. I would choose to be near the better people at the time as I promoted this project and took it more seriously than I did when I actually left the project.

When can we expect the next solo album from Pleasure P?

Solo album for me … I'm thinking like sometime in January, February, March … I do not know. I release the first single in January. As soon as love and hip-hop: Miami broadcasts, then you will hear my music on the show, and then you will hear the album falling. Until then, I got the Pleasure P Presents EP outside, outside of that, I got mice falling, What about us. Then you know that you will see videos, and we will prepare for January.

& # 39; Pleasure P Presents & # 39; is now available, then underneath Spotify.

Interview Boom Paul with contributions by Dominicus Carson

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