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Tesha teams up with DOV for Electro-Pop Debut SAVE


Tesha teams up with DOV for Electro-Pop Debut SAVE

"Save" is a help plaque, it's an invitation for people to come! "After their joint appearances together, Brooklin interdisciplinary artists, friends and associates of Tesha and DOV gathered in the studio for the DOV debut." Sava "is premiere today exclusively via Complek, after Teshe's" See So Good " the first tracks from her upcoming EP Stream + Share the DOV's "Save" (feat Tesha)

Tesha and DOV together wrote a song and identified both as clear cues. However, their conception and identity behind it are not only about sexual orientation, says Tesha: "We live in a dying world locked in the perception of things about our mind. Our meaning of going out was in all aspects of life. Being gay, it's a kueer, it's a new spiritual movement for us. It is about letting ourselves be free, to be different, to be individual and strange, that is what is going to be. "

DOV adds: "We wrote this song about this blind belief and" heroism "that people take to themselves, even to their own death, believing for unsuccessful purposes: an eighteen year old soldier who entered the room with a bomb trying to" save "his" the country … a young, talented kid abandons the sexual identity of his body and mind just because he does not want to get out of his house and hears the word "gay" in school every day. to lead daily in our head, trying to fit, to be "normal", to be accepted. "

Known as TESHA, the front-thinking singer and poet and producer creates self-confidence, ruminative and experimental electro-acoustic action directed at wonders and unknown lives. She was born in Israel and grew up a piano in her mother's living room, accustomed to the likes of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and the classical era. After losing both parents during adolescence – in the early twenties, her purpose was set on fire and soon devoted her life to music. A year later, she moved to Brooklyn, composed classes of self-taught vocals and experimented with the production of sinta. Accepting the unknown, she copied the visual recordings of the dreams. Basically a beautiful place where form, loneliness, vulnerability and unconditional love are free. While she learned at this place to overcome many life hurdles. Walking forward and coming back from the treasures of the dark recesses, sculpting the frame of his self-made EP debutant, Groving Pain II.

Stream "See That Well" from the EP for Growing Pain II Dec 7


  1. Funeral
  2. I can not sleep
  3. Miracle
  4. Window shape
  5. You see so well
  6. Soft and smooth, but not silent

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