Sunday , October 2 2022

The chief of the Palestinian police in Hebron was suspended after he helped Israeli soldiers change the tire – Palestinians


Chief of Palestinian police in Hebron, Col. Ahmed Abu al-Rough, was suspended from work after being documented for changing the tires of Israeli Defense Forces vehicles.

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Image, published on social media networks, has provoked resentment in the Palestinian Authority and is overshadowed by a higher police rank. Chief of the Palestinian Police, General Hazem Atallah, has decided to suspend the officers and launch an investigation into the incident.

According to the original information received by the police, the incident occurred on Sunday near Susie village in the west. Israeli soldiers patrolled there when their vehicle was stuck on rubber. The soldiers asked for help, and Al-Rub gave them a tool. When the soldiers missed changing the tire, he did it himself.

A picture documented by al-Ruba with soldiers taken by the Palestinians who were there were missed online and became viruses within hours. Palestinians who comment on this photo have been ruined by PA and its security officers.

Police spokesman PA Louai Zreikat announced on Thursday a statement announcing that Al-Rough was suspended and an investigative committee was set up to investigate the incident.

"For our unwillingness, some use this photo to attack the Palestinian police and to incite their officers deliberately, despite the fact that they are trying 24 hours to give the Palestinian population a sense of security," Zreikat said.

Despite his statement, many Palestinians repeated the invitation to social media to shoot from Al-Ruba and used the image to criticize the coordination of security between Israel and the Palestinians.

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