Sunday , May 16 2021

31,265 influenza vaccines received Here is where to turn and who can get them for free – Report


It began in the offices of doctors and pediatricians of the Versilia family – as well as in some ASL environments for children and adolescents at risk and whose pediatricians do not vaccinate in their clinics – vaccination campaign against influenza. A total of 31,265 doses of vaccine are available in Versilia.

Vaccination is the most effective and safe means to prevent flu and reduce complications that are particularly dangerous for older people or people with chronic conditions. Protection is developed two weeks after the administration of the vaccine, with the effectiveness of several months. The goal of vaccination is to prevent complications and reduce mortality from the flu by 70 to 80 percent. The vaccine protects the body from a real flu. It is good to remember that in the winter many types of viruses circulate, responsible for respiratory, coughing and cold, and gastrointestinal (so-called Parainfluenza forms), less dangerous for the health of the flu. And in any case, this should not be considered a sign of a lack of effectiveness of the influenza vaccine. This is the ideal time for vaccinations by December.

The advice is to always contact your family doctor and pediatrician with free choice; in some district offices, vaccinations for children and adolescents at risk are guaranteed, with the certification of a pediatrician and a meeting arranged with the headquarters.

Vaccination offers free family doctors, pediatricians and Asl ambulances older than 65 years and citizens who belong to risk categories. Risk categories include children (older than 6 months) and adults who suffer from certain chronic diseases: chronic respiratory, circulatory, renal, haemopoietic, diabetic and other metabolic diseases diseases, bowel malabsorption syndrome, cystic fibrosis, other congenital or acquired diseases which include defective or altered antibody production, pathologies for which major surgical interventions are planned. Children and adolescents are also considered at risk for long-term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid, children born before and young children.

Vaccination is also free for donors of blood, women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, for public service employees of primary public interest (school and health), for care staff or family members of high-risk individuals. The same is true for people who are in working contact with animals they can pose

the source of infection by the non-human virus.

In addition to those in danger, sixty-five (2018 born in 1953) are also free vaccination against pneumococcus, the main bacterial infection responsible for lung inflammation. –

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