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Advances scheduled for 12 to 17 November 2018


anticipation of the beautiful episodes of November 2018Predictions of Beautiful Italian episodes broadcast from Monday 12 November to Saturday November 17, 2018

Ridge and Brooke I am again husband and wife beautiful! The couple finally managed to marry after an unsuccessful attempt a few months ago, when the designer took the download Kuinn Fuller. now Brooke and Ridge I am a family again and everything went with their marriage, although Liam's absence did not go unnoticed. Next week, Italian episodes will be full of important events and turns, which will change the fate of some protagonists. starting from Katie, which he published viatt because Thorn. But discover everything with us anticipation Lepe day after day!

Monday, November 12th

Viatt knew that liam he will not participate in Ridge and Brooke's wedding and therefore decides not to leave even to stay close to his brother, who is going through difficult times. The wedding is celebrated in Villa Forrester carter.

Tuesday, November 13th

Viatt confessed to Liam that for months he had a secret affair with Katie, his father's ex-wife Bill Spencer. Viatt admits, however, that he does not have the courage to engage seriously with Logan. During the wedding, Brooke is hearing the voice of the deceased stephanie, which speaks to her from the portrait above the fireplace.

Wednesday, November 14th

Thorne and Katie they secretly lie during the marriage of Ridge and Brooke. The kiss sees Viatt, going home with Katie who lives in front of Villa Forrester – to surprise a woman. Viatt discovers everything through the telescope and immediately leaves Katie.

Thursday, November 15th

Thorne finds out the pause between Katie and Viatt and takes the opportunity to seduce Brooke's sister. In the meantime, Ridge does not give up: from Zeta Lee to persuade him to forgive Steffi. Forrester urges him not to waste time as he and Brok did in the past.

Friday, November 16th

The words of Richard Forrester do not persuade Liam: the boy can not forgive Steffi. In the meantime, there are others hope to ask her what she meant with Liam. According to Steffi, the sclerchist wants to use it to return to Liam's hands.

Saturday, November 17th

Hope Logan assures Steffi Forrester: She did not return to LA to recover Liam. Steffi is not convinced and wants a way to forgive him. Brooke and Ridge celebrate Valentine's Day.

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