Sunday , May 16 2021

AGG. AT 18.20 THE BLOOD IN VAIRANO. Shooting in cartolibreria. The financier kills his wives and tries to commit suicide

AGG. AT 18.20 "As the minute passes, the outlines of what happened in Vairoan Patenori begin to clarify. It's a double murder. The victims, killed, are two women belonging to the same family; the warden, the husband of one of the two, tried suicide. He was stopped. The fact occurred in a commercial operation. Intervened by the Carabinieri Compagnia di Capua.

This is a financier who killed a woman and a sister by law. Two injuries were found, spouses with commercial activity. One was transported to San Rocco Hospital in Sessa Aurunca, while a quarter, which also hit the bullet, was placed in the emergency room of Sant & Anna and San Sebastiano di Caserta.

VAIRANO PATENORA – The news of the shooting in the office material store across the Roma in Vainano Patenori was only a few minutes ago. There would be two deaths, and several shootings exploded. Perhaps, at the base of the episode, the attempted robbery ended poorly, but the news is still fragmentary. Now he has 118 doctors and the force of the order.


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