Thursday , December 9 2021

Alitalia, boosts supply


Rome, November 11 (AdnKronos) – The time period for examining offers for Alitalia shopping is tightened. On October 31st, the day when they arrived, the extraordinary commissioners of Luigi Gubitosi, Stefano Paleari and Enrico Lagni look at the proposal of potential buyers. And the work of three commissioners is rapidly approaching the final stage as soon as it should, according to sources close to the file, by the end of next week by sending a report to the Supervisory Board of Misa. Based on this report, an opinion will be expressed, prepared for the decision of dicastar on the topic for launching exclusive negotiations. At the commission table there are binding offers presented by Fs spa and Easijet and non-binding offer from Delta Airlines. Lufthansa stayed out of the procedure, which, afterwards in April, did not present the final offer by the end of October. According to press reports, the German colossus would not consider this match to be completely closed, and after a meeting between his management and the under-secretary of the Armando Siri infrastructure, he could return to the estimate of the return to the track. But, as Adnkronos demanded in this new scenario, Lufthansa is limited to laconic "no comment". The company's sources reiterate that the Lufthansa line has been designated CEO Carsten Spohr on October 30th, which presented the results of the third quarter. "We are not willing to consider an investment with the Italian state," he said. "We can imagine a partnership of a commercial nature," the executive director explained. Over the past few months, Lufthansa has repeatedly reiterated that he is interested in "restructured Alitalia". Although Alitalia's commissioners are preparing to complete the examination, FS's work on this file is no more stringent. The offer presented by the group "Villa Patrizi" foresees that the industrial plan must evolve during a confirmed duty, which is an essential condition for the operation of the identification of private and institutional entities. Fs reserves the right to form a new company with the participation of a primary carrier, a condition that is essential for advancement in the operation. The role of the Steelworks, which continues to reiterate that their priority "mission" is to restart regional traffic and consolidate high-speed business, will be an aggregator with a minority stake in the final management structure, to develop all intermodal synergies of the airline, eliminating ongoing overlaps. One of the basic industrial elements of this operation will be to bring high speeds to the ground, that is, intercontinental nodes Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa at high speeds. EasiJet also set up its "pallet", which repeats its interest in "restructured Alitalia". Delta, on the other hand, announced that it wants to continue to "explore ways to work with Alitalia and maintain our partnership in the future". But there is another deadline: in a little over a month, on December 15, the deadline for the repayment of a loan for a bridge of 900 million euros will expire. The possibility of further extension is not ruled out, as suggested by the Under-Secretary for Economic Development Dario Galli a few days ago. The company, however, as the commissioners explained, repaid the loan with cash in cash and with the sale of assets. For the company's accounts, October brought another oxygen, with additional growth in passenger income. Compared to October 2017, this increase amounted to 6.7%, which also affected international and interstate relations. Cargo-related revenue also increased, an increase of 14% in October compared to the same month of 2017.

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