Monday , June 27 2022

Anna Tantangelo with Achille Lauro is again "suburban girl"


Anna Tatangelo is coming back to sing "Suburban girl", one of his most famous songs, which won her third place in the women's category at the Sanremo Festival in 2005, in collaboration with Achille Lauro and Boss Doms.

The revised song is available on November 9 (GGD Srl / Soni Music). Two apparently distant worlds intertwine and blend together under the sign of common origin, those on the periphery. At 13 years of her debut at the festival,

"Suburban girl" Sam Lauro, a loyal Boss Doms team, is dressed with a new sound.

To seal the birth of this new road, on November 7, Anna will be guest on the stage of Achille Lauro concert in Alcatraz, Milan.


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