Wednesday , March 3 2021

Apple Watch allows you to save the abducted woman: the tale

Apple Watch allowed police to quickly find a woman abducted a few minutes earlier.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch saves the abducted woman (Pixabay)

the technology what surrounds us has many more uses than we think. And more and more often it saves our lives. Think of one pacemaker, for example, which allows those with heart problems to live their lives better. You have it alarm sensors in case of violation. In short, many different types help us humans, which makes life easier and more productive. Well, today’s story speaks once again of how technology saved a life, precisely that of a woman kidnapped by a criminal. The incident took place in the United States of America, precisely in the city of Illinois, in Texas.

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Apple Watch allows you to save the abducted woman: the tale

Apple Watch blue
Apple Watch blue (Pixabay)

Here a woman was arguing fiercely with a man in the garage of her apartment. At some point, according to her daughter’s story reported by the Mirror, the woman reportedly disappeared. A few minutes later, through his Apple Watch, ha called the girl, telling her that she had been abducted and that she was inside a closed van.

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The girl alerted police, who managed to track down the woman thanks to GPS mounted on Apple’s smartwatch. In short, a story with a happy ending that has been solved by technology, too often abused and guilty of everything.

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