Tuesday , January 25 2022

"As a stranger, I tell you that there is no racial hatred in Italy"


"I am foreign. And I proudly claim my origins. My friends call me 'Polish'; because I'm disciplined, accurate, a bit hard mentally. I still live here as a stranger, but when I return to find my own, I feel Italian in every way. I have lived in many countries, I consider myself a little gypsy, but one fact is certain: there is no racial hatred in Italy, even if someone wants to convince us otherwise. Problems, if anything, are the other. Here he greeted me with open arms when Poland was not yet a member of the European Union and, in order to renew my residence permit, I had to be deployed at five in the morning. "

These are the words Kasia Smutniak on the weekly grazia. After several weeks or months of controversy against Interior Minister Salvini and the Italian people, the actress speaks about his experience as a foreigner who feels Italian, and cleanses the usual leftist charity and common birds of a sick pretext.

Remember when the UN gave us the gods racist and announced that he would send us inspectors? Or when the Levin accused Salvini was "the bearer of hatred" against aliens? Now, the actress now puts all those good guys back on the wall.

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