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Banca Carige, May: «Ecco qui sono i responsabilitats del disastro»

«Banca Carige and the new bank reached the bottom of the bankruptcy due to a scrapped management that was not caused by an incompetence of the manager but also commits itself to politics». The Vice President Luigi Di Maio has spoken to him by intervening in the Camera to answer the urgent question of a Genoese banking crisis.

The names

"The responsibility of this disaster will be to make public bills and pay the consequences of your mistake," says Di Maio, who told you about "Priscilla's secret" and "old politics and banks that are going to braccetto." Di Maio has quoted between the names coincide Alessandro Scajola, brother of the former minister and former vice president of the Consiglio di amministrazione (formerly former mayor and parliamentar), brother of the minister Claudio; Luca Bonsignore, son of Vito Bonsignore and Pdl eurodeputate, Giovanni Marongiu, sub-secretary for the centers, with the Prodi government, e Alessandro Repetto, parliament of dell'Ulivo.

The eventual intervention of him Stato

"I still do not know if we should intervene with public funds," says Di Mayo. "If you decide to put your money to the Citizens to save Banca Carige, the bank will be a citizen." "An eventual intervention by Stato serves to prevent such risks" from losing loans and from creditworthiness. "The veto decree – added – creates the conditions to be ready to safeguard and safeguard the risks of the citizens."

Tell him that you have not been refunded

"For a long period," continued the vice premier, "Carige has put at risk many of his controversial operations. Perdite your credit for several miles. With these we find: a debt 450 million for financing rented to the Messina Group; 250 millions of concessions with extreme legibility at the Parco degli Erzelli, a technology citadel that is strongly scattered with lightweight politics realized only on the slopes of Cornigliano Hill; 35 million for a mutual concession to the group Acqua Marcia di Francesco Bellavista Caltagirone; 20 millions to the group che fa capo Beatrice Cozzi Parodi. Prestiti or faith, partly sanated but caused by the loss of banking, I have been rented for some societal riconducibili to doctor Enrico Preziosi and Prelios there I became a boss at Pirelli Re, of the Pirelli group. "

The Relazione della Banca d'Italia 2013

The names of the great debt of Caritas city of the vice-priest Luigi Di Maio are partly extracted from the relation of Banca d'Italia in 2013, created by a double inspection of the Supervisory at the Institute, presided over by Giovanni Berneschi, at the beginning of 2017 condemned in first grade at 8 years and 2 months for truffles for group assurances. In appello in July 2018 the sentence was granted and the penalty increased to seven years and seven months. If you are dealing with debtor positions that are still present in the time, there is one of which is following a different iter, between cessions of credit and restructuring. For example, the largest display of Carige, the relative to the Messina group, was 450 million euros, and was restructured on the basis of a new management approach entrusted to Pietro Modiano and Fabio Innocenzi – when they were the president and administrator delegate, and not yet Commissar – and for that reason and was eliminated from the list of positions in bankruptcy, nowadays it costs about 2.8 billion euros for a nominal value (monster). I do not know there are any news that I would like to assess the impact of BCE in the 2018 season, which has led to the loss of 250 million euros. Second indiscretion if you are trying to lose more then you will be subject to different room types, by requesting a Single Surveillance. But it is not clear whether they refer to parts broken down by recent years or lenders. Among the other evidences mentioned by Banca d'Italia in the famous inspection of 2013 mentioned in May, there were also loans to the group Cavallini, for 75 million euros, the verse Andrea Nucera and the Geo group to the reckonable, for 70 Millions, which versed the president of Genoa, Enrico Preziosi, by the end of 2018, after the liquidation of part of the debt, announced the agreement to completely define the residual position, for about 15 millions. Relevant was also the prestigious grant from Carrie to the Orsero family, whose role is the omnipotent group specializing in imports and distribution of exotic fruits. In 2015, during the last month of the treaty, the Gf Group degli Orsero has reached a restructuring agreement with banks, which will make it a part of the credit in participating instruments. Fabrizio Massaro

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