Thursday , May 19 2022

Caterina ready for a new life


The next episode of The Island of Peter 2 will be broadcast on Channel 5 next week. The television series will play Gianni Morandi He came to an end, ending the second season with a full turn. There will be many reversals in the last episode. Caterina will leave Riccardo, while Elena and Alessandro will remain unscrupulous, [VIDEO]greeting the next clumsy with joy.

Giulia and Vanessa died in the hands of the same killer

The latest episode of The Island of Peter, which will be released on Sunday, will focus on the crimes of Julia and Vanessa. The two women who died in mysterious circumstances have something in common: they could both die from the same killer's hand.

Elena will do everything to understand how they really are going and, above all, what relationship the deceased with Alessandro had. A policeman, despite returning to his own hands, will not believe his wheel at all.

Caterina left Riccard for Diego

In recent episodes, Caterina often argued with Riccard. A young girl who moved away from the boy was tied to Diego very much, and it seemed like a real feeling between them, so much so she decided to merge. At the same time, others discovered the truth about their parents, how will they react?

Anxious for the third season of the Island of Petra

In spite of the fact that the latest episode has not yet been broadcast, de Island of Petra, the public already wants to know if there will be a third season.

For now, unfortunately, there is still no security, but Gianni Morandi, along with the entire role, seems to be inclined to continue. In a recent interview, the singer and actor explained that the results of this second epilogue will be satisfactory, he will be happy to start new recordings. The first series, emitted last year, had an unexpected success and hoped for the same. Awaiting confirmation will have to wait for new updates.

Replica Island Peter 2 live

Those who could not follow the latest episode of the Island of Petra, [VIDEO]it will be able to view it streaming on your computer or tablet. In addition, the Biscione network thanks to an application that can be downloaded directly from the mobile phone has enabled its customers & # 39; MediasetPlai & # 39 ;, a free service that allows you to watch everything TV series and not only, wherever and whenever possible. Sunday episode will be visible the next day.

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