Sunday , November 28 2021

Cecilia Rodriguez and a message that makes fans worried: "I was not good"


Instagram's stories have surfaced over the last few hours on the Cecilia Rodigruez profile, which has taken a lot of care for their fans. It seems that the show, occupied by various events, had a slight illness due to stress and lively life. Absent from the social media, with the living, he informed his followers about his state of health.

"As you have heard, in the last days I was not good," Rodriguez says. "Nothing serious, do not worry. In the last period, I was very busy and probably my body sends some signals. I have to slow down the pace," continued the show and partner Moser. "I apologize if I could not participate in the events I gave access to, but health was the first, I could not do it differently, I hope you understand, I will surely see you on other occasions," he concludes.

It seems to be too stressful the cause of his weak feeling, so much so that he convinces Cecilia to briefly pause from work (short or long). According to the latest information, Rodriguez needs only a rest, exclusion and return of life seemingly peaceful and peaceful life. In this way, the show will be able to enjoy not only the attention of Moser, who is more and more in love with Rodriguez, but above all it will be able to take into account the latest events in GF Vip House, where its name continues to pass through the walls. Waiting for more news on this, we look forward to the following live stories by Cecilia Rodriguez.

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