Tuesday , June 22 2021

Chiara Ferragni after the wedding: social controversy and brothers and sisters


"Royal wedding" was not all for everyone. Between exaggeration, scenes, and the push of luxury, only the dress was "cheap" …. who says it? Stefano Gabbana. The wedding dress is, as it were, the "poor" according to the designers Dolce and Gabbana, but the controversy is directed more to the characters of the fashion blogger than directly to Chiara Ferragni. On his stories Instagram often accused them of his supporters, repeatedly questioned.

It looks like I am Ferragnez In the meantime, they are not interested in controversy and continue with their family projects: they would already sign a contract with an American major who will hang in the console in a console: in short, some kind of dejay spies. The suspect on the network is that the next summer will launch a single word together. Weekly "Chi" exclusively reveals an ambitious musical project.

And for the rest? There are those who already write that the couple wants to give to Leo's younger brother, a beloved son, and already in some way influences it, as he always wears fashion brands and is already praised by fans.

Fabio Rovazzi also took part in the trackers. During his presence at the Venice Film Festival, to which he was a guest, to those who came to seek his opinion on Feragnez's wedding, he replied: "Well, I followed, fine! Beautiful, beautiful. It's important that they are happy."

In short, the pair will not have to bother.

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