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Contact lenses: in summer, day trips are practical


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Discover some tips to follow the beach and the sea

they are comfortable and practical, But Not everyone uses them. Contact lenses are a salvation for many, especially those that can not be seen with glasses, but there are a lot of people who, despite needing a correction for myopia, astigmatism or other vision defects, do not take them for various reasons. According to a Doxa-CooperVision survey conducted in a sample of more than 2,000 Italians: the 30% are afraid of putting them and removing them alone, el 34% prefer the practicability of glasses and the 32% he does not have I never considered the idea carry lenses Also, you notice that only 20% of those wearing glasses It is recommended to try them, even though there are no predisposition to the passage on the lenses on the advice of the specialist 36% of respondents.

Many love newspapers daily

Those who use them (one of the four of the sample) do it because they see better or better improve the aesthetic appearance (40%) or because he thinks they are more practices (49%). «In recent years, the trend has focused on more practical use of daily lenses. They do not require maintenance, but small and important precautions – explains Renzo Colombo, professor of contact technology at the University of Padua. It is essential to offer assistance from the first application, supporting a choice that really changes daily habits, the same ones that were not necessary "

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Contact lenses and summer

In the summer, however, special attention should be given to the use of contact lenses. The typical neglect of the period, which It can lead to being less accurate and accurate to eye care, associated to higher risk factors, such as dehydration, the presence of irritant substances such as salt, sand and chlorine.

But no alarmism

"I often find myself (and willingly) having to It dissipates many beliefs and ancient prejudices, trying to reassure those who are still too much worried about risk infections, redness and continuous maintenance. It is also worth mentioning progress in terms of technology, you just have to think about it Daily lenses of silicone hydrogel i allele evolutions of the last 20 years, with high performance and comfort that offer a high transmissibility of oxygen throughout the entire lens profile »continues Colombo.

Summer tips

In very hot and windy environments, such as the beach, tears, which can generally guarantee the balance of the hydrolipidic film, They tend to evaporate more. too the salt water salt, being hygroscopic (that is, able to absorb water), dry the lens and also air conditioning of the car or airplane, especially if it is directed to the face. The solution is to always keep a good degree of hydration of the eye through the use, several times a day, of artificial tears

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The hygiene of the objective during the summer is essential: in case of a day, the problem arises less, m for all the other types of lenses Daily cleaning and disinfection is required. The hands should be perfectly clean and dry before cleaning the lenses.

Contact lenses They can also be carried while swimming in the sea (better apply them an hour before, because the lens is perfectly adjusted to its position), provided that you have the forecast, at the end of the day, to throw (in case of being newspapers) or to remove them and clean -los (in case of other slow ones).

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