Tuesday , September 27 2022

Crohn's disease, a curable cure / breakthrough in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disease


Drug study Crohn's disease there could be a milestone. It could dictate it KUESTRAN, a drug that can give excellent answers, but that in Italy at this moment it is unpredictable and will be by the end of February. Currently, experts claim that there are no medications that can replace it, and that makes Crohn's life incapable of living a life of regular life. In fact without Kuestran, uninterrupted toilets are needed, and they are deemed incapacitated in all respects. On the AIFA website, it is recommended that you search for an alternative medicine or if you are not looking to buy it abroad from health institutions. If the equivalent drugs do not exist, then the second option is still complex and difficult to develop. In the meantime, there are many people who do not know how to do it.

Crohn's disease, a cure for the treatment: a situation in Italy

In Italy, more than a hundred thousand people suffer Crohn's disease, but specifically what are we talking about? This is one chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease that occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. At this moment, the causes of this pathology are still unknown to the experts. Crohn's disease is not an infectious disease and is not caused by certain types of food, but is inherited and psychosomatic. Crippled patients replace moments of silence and well-being with complete absence of symptoms, others instead, in which the consequences can be defined and acute. Kuestran seems to be a very interesting solution that generally reduces symptoms and helps patients live a life that can be considered regular as with any other person. The problem of drug production is extremely serious and we hope that we will soon do something before the long-awaited date at the end of February.

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