Tuesday , June 22 2021

D’Amato: “Half of the necessary vaccines arrive. J&J doses are enough for 2 days”

“The machine does not stop, but to achieve the goal set by Prime Minister Draghi, 15 million doses are needed in Italy a month and a million and a half in Lazio. Half arrive. When these doses arrive, we can say that the goal is achievable and it seems to me that there is still some distance to go. ”Lazio Health Minister Alessio D’Amato said today during a visit to the Nuvola all’Eur vaccination center. “Before we get to the herd’s immunity,” he added. We are ready to do 60,000 a day, but I don’t think there is that possibility in April, at least for the things I’ve heard. “

As for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines, “surely” the doses advertised by the pharmaceutical giant “are not enough,” says D’Amato, “that would mean continuing for a couple of days and it’s not really possible. So the doses have to arrive ”.

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