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Dead son, confirmed meningitis


The type is not contagious meningitis That is why, yesterday, in Burlo de Trieste, he died Samuel Pitton, the small one of six years of age Maniago which in recent days had been admitted to the hospital of his city, and then urgently transported to Pediatrics of Pordenone and, finally, to the structure of the regional capital.

To reveal it it is Massimo Crapis, responsible for the operational unit of infectious diseases of the healthcare company 5. "Based on the analyzes – explains the infectivologist – we had the certainty that the bacteria responsible for the child's death are Streptococcus pneumoniae, known as pneumococcal. It's not a contagious infection – adds Crapis – there are no other people at risk. "

Therefore, there will be no need for prophylaxis for family members, classmates or teachers in the Maniago school who attend the child.

The pneumococcus is present in the respiratory tract of 20% of the population and, in the case of Samuel, the initial symptoms (high fever, nausea and vomiting) may suggest gastroenteritis of viral origin. "Certainly it is, concludes Crapis, that the course of the disease has been fulminant. It must be remembered that the administration of the pneumococcal vaccine is used precisely to reduce the likelihood of such cases." Parents gave their consent for the removal of organs.

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