Thursday , February 27 2020
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Di Maio: "The crisis is not there and there will be" – Politics


The government crisis "is not there and there will be", because "this is the only possible government." And on a hypothetical new majority with the Democratic Party: "We will never make alliances with the Bibbiano party." Thus, Vice President of the vice-pentastellato, Luigi Di Maio, in an interview with the Corriere della Sera in which he reiterates: "For us the government is going ahead if it does things for the Italians and if the Italians say the truth." Regarding relations with the League, "I honestly do not see any argument, I only see continuous attacks on the M5S," says Di Mayo. And he explains: "Once in the minimum wage, another in Europe, it is continuous and I am sorry, but if things are done in the country that the government continues for 4 years." According to Di Maio, by the favorable vote – M5S and against the League – of the president of the EU Commission, von der Leyen: "Nobody has faced, we have not faced, we have been wrongfully attacked. I should ask for the League why he changed last minute idea ". The appointment of an Italian European commissioner, "belongs to the League", reiterates Di Maio, but adds: "If now I have a commissioner named thus, be isolated in Europe, so be it. If not, we will hand a hand ". And then he repeats: "They won the elections, now they are the first to try something in the Italians." In the case of Lega-Russia, the leader of the M5S assumes that Salvini should be informed in the House. He then denies that the government is firm and explains that in autonomy "we are again to unleash the last knots," on the fixed rate "we are all" and we are sure that the League will bring it to the law of the budget, "but wait that to do "do not take out money from the Italians, it would be paradoxical."

"If I had the slightest suspicion that the League took money from Russia – says Di Maio a Uno Mattina – it would not be in government with them. The point is that if Parliament asks for a hearing, it is true that this person (Matteo Salvini, ed. ) go to Parliament. I am sure of the executive and I consider it unfair that every day a government crisis is threatened. From my point of view, there are reforms that must be done. There are no three that do not ", he added. autonomy, maneuvers and justice in response to a question about the interview given by Matteo Salvini to the Republic in which the risk of the government crisis is feared. "With PD I do not want to have anything to do with that."

"Since the spread has dropped – May May say so, we could start eliminating the most hateful taxes that are taxes on cars. I want to find the money to allow citizens to buy a car, which is always I hope they are greener, which can be less taxes. " The idea is "a substantial reduction or really abolish," he said "by the end of the year we have to put resources together."