Thursday , July 7 2022

Discover the statistics and movements of the Mewtwo armored Pokémon GO


Mewtwo armored go to Pokémon GO for the limited period that happens from the 11th to the 31st of July. We will find out the statistics and the movements it will have.

Thanks to the hacker Chrales Finally, we can see the 3D models of the two Mewtwo armors and the clothes for thematic avatars:

In addition, the statistics and movements of this new form of Mewtwo have been introduced to the server. In comparison to its normal version, it will have the basic statistics A lower attack and a higher defense. Health points are not modified.

Mewtwo normal
Attack: 300
Defense: 182
PS: 214

Mewtwo armored

Mewtwo armored
Attack: 182
Defense: 278
PS: 214

This Mewtwo will know how to attack quickly confusion i iron tail; The attacks will be charged earthquake, Delivery of land, Dinamipugno i fortune telling. The maximum Pokémon with IV will have 3187 PL at level 40 i 1821 PL at level 20 during raids.

Are you ready to pick up this special version of Mewtwo?

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