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Edoardo Rixi: "May I want you to leave me? So, press the prosecutors »

Deputy Minister Luigi Di Maio says that, thanks to the majority in the Council of Ministers, he could be fired.
"But look, I do not know if I want to keep me in this government …" Edoardo Rixi, from Genoa, is the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, but is also involved in the process of the "crazy expenses" of the councilors regional of Liguria.

In what sense?
"In the sense that I do what Matteo Salvini tells me, not Luigi Di Maio. What the 5-Star thinks does not interest him. Even if today he did not want to attack Di Maio: he was in Liguria to work … I'm glad he's found the time, and also a prosecutor, who is also a Development Minister. "

But Salvini says we have to move forward.
"Then we go on, even if I do not know for four years. I think like Giorgetti: he wants to go fishing again, I want to climb the mountains. But they were indecent …".

Are you talking about M5S attacks against court proceedings?
"Of course, too … My phrase is scheduled for May 30. Was it necessary to launch it to the election campaign five days ago? I can not conceive processes a priori, the truth is that pressure is put on the prosecutors to obtain Sentences. And if the members of the government present statements that do not create serenity in the trials … ".

What are the statements in particular?
«For all. Reading processes from an electoral point of view exposes the powers to tensions. I do not understand why the judiciary can not work calmly. "

I'm not sure if you want to continue usurping even for broken government relations?
"Absolutely not for that. The point is whether this government can, as in the beginning, be useful for the Italians. And the 5-star setting is worrying. To the growth Mon there are passages that could lead to the closing of Ilva, we almost did not close the tunnel of Gran Sasso and already had one of the collapsed bridges in Genoa … The dredging of the port should be done, but the commission to the Senate, chaired by them, gave a negative opinion. The railway and freeway tracking agency (Ansfisa) is not known when it is active. And that worries me ».

But what is it for?
"If you do not trust companies, if you do not trust those who work, no one will be willing to invest in Italy."

What else did you do wrong?
"Continuous attacks, four or eight a day, against Minister Salvini. Even today, they have accused us of wanting to manage almost the entire country. It seems to me that in totalitarian regimes they use tools that are perhaps closer to the ideology of The 5 stars that ours. It seems to me that they are in Vietnam, they have the machine gun under the apron. And they use another language, you can accuse me of everything except being a bribe. "

The Council of Ministers meets on Monday. For you, what is indispensable to pass?
"Security must happen. It is a fundamental measure to fight organized mafia and crime. Also, it is not clear why they should only reach the MDN with the measures that they have decided."

But do you think the government will continue on?
"I do not know, if the approach changes … The fact is that they are in a state of confusion. And having a government member in stunning is a problem. "

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