Friday , August 12 2022

Elisabetta Gardini is named after him: "He is the burial ground, he kills him and Silvio Berlusconi does not know"


He is the "Undertaker", the "star of euthanasia"of Forza Italia. you Antonio Tajani. Elisabetta Gardini, now the former Forza Italia and the neo "sister" of Italy Giorgia Meloni, in an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano Strongly attacks the right arm of the knight. He accuses him of "killing" the party: "Silvio Berlusconi You do not know, you do not know everything. He is surrounded by a court that says that everything is fine, everything is beautiful, the property is great, etc. ".

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Around the cavage there is "a sanitary cord which will virtually not allow you to contact. The last time we spoke on January 30, I explained the problems, he listened, he was attentive. "But Tajani" only combined disasters. He has prevented Berlusconi from being a leader in central Italy, because he has to do it. Then he does not want to name him Mussolini. And, finally, the masterpiece: I agree with Svp in Trentino giving a seat and leaving in the territory discovered. They hoped to reach the final round with these elections. On the other hand, the Europeans will be the end of Forza Italia. "

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