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Enel: 27.5 billion of investments in 2021 and focuses on renewable energy sources


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The basics for renewable energy sources, network infrastructure and new energy services are at the core of the transformation of the sector and Enel's strategy that has a strategic plan 2019-2021, aimed at maximizing the opportunities created by the transition of energy.

Expected a an investment of 27.5 billion euros for industrial growth, with the aim of generating a a cumulative increase in the average EBITDA of 3.2 billion euros, which will contribute to the entire range of investments in three categories of development assets, customers and asset management. decarbonisation will contribute to a renewable resource a cumulative increase in EBITDA of one billion euros between 2018 and 2021. In 2021 62% of the energy produced by Enel Group and zero emissions, compared to 48% estimated in 2018.

In addition, other goals are operational efficiency, which insists on digitization, and simplification, with increased investments in subsidiaries and subsequent integration into the Group in terms of one portfolio rationalization. One of the means Enel aims at is human capital. In this sense, the commitment to achieving the goals of the company was re-launched by 2030 Sustainable Development (SDG) that provides a Access to "common values" towards communities and people.

Finally, the goal of the strategy is shareholders affirming the 70% dividend calculated on the Group's regular net income from 2019, with weighted annual growth (compound average growth rate, CAGR) of implicit dividends per share (Dividend per share, DPS) of approximately + 12%; for the first time extended the minimum DPS over the next three years, with a CAGR of about + 9%.

Francesco Starace, Executive Director and CEO of Enel He commented: "Since 2015, we have achieved all the goals we have set up through significant improvements in cash flow generation, which combined with the acceleration of growth enabled the improvement of the compensation of our shareholders, increase in dividend per share from 0.16 to 0.28 Euro in 2018, and from increase your payment what is expected to remain 70% stable along the whole floor. "

Activities in the field of renewable sources and networks were the driving force behind Enel's investment strategy, which focused on one reducing time on the market and to increase the degree elasticity, to better respond to the progressive transformation of the sector.

"Solid industrial growth and efficiency programs that have been implemented so far," he continued Old town, "We are allowed to increase ordinary EBITDA up to 16.2 billion euros at the end of 2018. Moreover, over the last three years, about 8 billion euros have been reused through active portfolio management, the release of funds for further simplify the Group's structure and for Make acquisitions, including the latest from Eletropaula, which increased our client base by another 7 million, strengthening Enel's global leadership in distribution networks. "

current transformations in the energy sector This presents challenges, but at the same time offers new opportunities. "We are well positioned generates the value from this transformation", He said Old town. "Today, Enel's strategy has been fully built sustainability, because they integrate principles of "common value" i The practice of "Open Innovation" in all business processes.

Enel: the leader in the transition of energy

Successful implementation of previous strategic plans actually led Enela to achieve this position from leadership in the transition of energy. The results of 2015 to date show that the Group has always achieved its goals through significant Improving cash creation joined "acceleration of growth and significant reducing risk profile, which enabled a significant increase in the shareholder's fee.

renewable energy they represented industrial growth engine of the Group, the result that is perfectly reflected in to mix the generation of Enela that will be compiled in around the end of 2018 by about 50% of zero emission technologies, with a positive impact on reduction of CO emissions2.

growing attention to customers, combined with Enel's ability to offer both traditional and innovative services, enabled the Group to implement it base growth retail on the free market in the increase of 5 million clients, as well as the increase in the number of end users operating in the Group's networks that were equal to 20% in the last three years.

digitization it was and is still a key factor for this core business Groups increasingly efficient, more effective, Data drive and can face the challenges of the future.

The Group's active portfolio management program was completed a year earlier. Gathering allows for acceleration switch to new ones the job and strengthen their presence in the infrastructure and networks sector.

Enel: investments in 2021

Especially inProperty development they are planned investments of 16.5 billion euros, which should contribute 2.1 billion to the growth of the ordinary Ebitda; from these, 10.6 billion will be invested in renewable energy sources. The consumer sector is expected to invest 4.8 billion euros, of which it is expected to produce around one billion euros from Mol's growth. Investment in asset management is expected to amount to 6.2 billion euros, which should contribute to the growth of ordinary Mola in the rest. Total funding sources should amount to about 41.1 billion euros accumulated during the period of the plan. Networks are expected to invest 11.1 billion euros.

Enel: profit of 5.6 billion in 2021

The group plans to close 2018 with a profit of 4.1 billion euros, which during the planning period will increase to 4.8 billion in 2019, 5.4 in 2020 5.6 in 2021. The average Mole will amount to 16.2 billion in 2018, 17.4 in 2019, 18.5 in 2020, and 19.4 in 2021. In the period from It is expected that the debt in 2021 will remain stable at 41.8 billion euros.

Enel: pay 70% profit, dividend to 0.36 euros 2021

The plan also envisages the distribution of a dividend of 70% of the group's net income from 2019, with a weighted annual growth of 9%. It ranged from 0.28 euros in 2018, 0.32 in 2019 to 0.34 in 2020 to 0.36 euros in 2021. The strategic plan is expected by 2021.

Enel and decarbonization: 62% of zero emission energy

Plan In 2021, Enel decisively decided to decarbonize. The new strategic plan aims to maximize the opportunities it has created energy transition and minimize the risks associated with unpredictable factors. Decarbonization, in particular, opens the way to creating values, with renewable energy which should generate a cumulative increase in Ebitd of one billion euros between 2018 and 2021; in the focus of investment in markets where Enel has an integrated presence in mature economies, it will enable the Group increase profitability and achieving the goals of decarbonization. In 2021, it is expected that 62% of the energy produced in the Enel group with zero emissions, compared to 48% estimated in 2018. And full decarbonization will be achieved by 2050.

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