Friday , August 12 2022

Fake myths about diet for diabetics / Here's what's recommended


It's too much false myths about diet for diabetics, incorrect information that has been tracking millions of patients throughout our country for years. Among the latest mistakes is to completely remove sweets from the diet. In Rome a course was organized by Roche Diabetes Care Italy and resolved these very epochal beliefs. The novelty is associated with a small sensor that implants under the skin continuously controls glucose levels in that sense. This allows us to understand how the organism behaves in response to a diet that has to change, even if it follows some minor precautions. There are various foods that need to be limited or maybe changed, but there is nothing that needs to be completely cut off. So pay attention to the possibilities offered by a new way of life that could actually revolutionize the lives of people affected by this pathology.

Fake myths about diet for diabetics: what to eat?

What can a diabetic eat? Diets for those affected by this disease They are often restrictive, but in reality you can consume everything, even if you need to pay attention. Chocolate, for example, can be eaten, but it is better to go and choose darker. Pasta and carbohydrates can be eaten several times a week, even if it is better to choose the whole product. Fruits are better if you choose an acid, perhaps paying attention to even sweet fruits like grapes, persimons, figs and bananas. It would be preferable to eliminate carbonated beverages where there is a lot of sugar, unless we are confronted with cases of hypoglycaemia. It should also be remembered that those with diabetes must achieve only one goal, or optimal metabolic control.

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