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For eye health, there are these 4 golden rules to follow every day

Nowadays, sight is often subjected to high levels of stress. With the consequence that cases of dryness, congestion and even eye burns can be frequent.

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Therefore, there are these 4 golden rules that must be followed every day for eye health. From nutrition to proper rest, to keeping the body always well hydrated, and the need, from time to time, for good fresh air.

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For eye health, there are these 4 golden rules to follow every day

In detail, when it comes to nutrition, eye health goes through a healthy, balanced diet that includes not only systematic but also daily consumption of vegetables. Starting with the carrots recognized in a famous and natural way as allies of the eyes.

But the same applies, among other things, to the regular consumption of other vegetables and greens. Like spinach, kale, rocket and broccoli. And this applies, in general, to all green leafy vegetables.

When it comes to proper rest, good sleep is essential in the long run to protect your eye health. In doing so, in particular, you should not only always sleep an average of 7-8 hours a day. But also avoid exposing your eyes to the blue light from screens before going to bed. This is because screen light can affect a person’s sleep-wake cycle by activating receptors in the eye compartment that lead to being awake.

Moving on to hydration, drinking all day is the rule to always keep the body in a proper state of balance. But this is a choice that is also associated with the eyes. Because drinking a lot of fluids helps, for example, those who already suffer from dry eyes.

Finally, the eyes do not like too humid environments for too long. And this is because from time to time they need good fresh air. Simply ventilate the room or leave the house for a short walk.

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