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Formations of Frozinone-Fiorentina: Pirates returns the attack. Ciocari with Campbell-Ciofani tandem


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The curtain is lifted on the twelfth day of the A series. The opening of the door will be tonight, at 20:30, match between frosinone i fiorentina, two teams that for various reasons aim to win the whole role. Violets are currently occupyingeighth place, at 16, five meters from the Milan-Lazio Park, both were paired in the fourth round with 21 points in the active, last place useful for entering the Champions League. Tuskans returned from three rounds in a row, while the last win came by September 30, and at 2-0, All's Atalanta hit 2-0.

Travel from "francs"It's not really exciting for the band he was leading Stefano Pioli, who from five competitions collected two draw and three defeats, without any delight, therefore, the taste of victory. This trend strongly affects the lily path in the table, which has shown faith and less explosive physical area in the last few weeks than shown in the first part of the season.

frosinoneInstead, after a very disappointing first part of the season, he received a shock on October 21, during the draw 3-3 against Empoli. From there, they are still a band Moreno Longo scored 0-3 in the Spala home and then took 0-0 in Parma, emphasizing the interesting progress and signs of improvement, he managed to endanger his opponents, suggesting the game sometimes very convincing, the accomplice also changed the tactical module with the insertion of players which supports two points.

However, the users are stationed on the last step, a share 6, but it seems that the trend has risen, and Gialloazzurri intends to get out of the picnic as soon as possible in the drop zone. At home, Chiaphany and his companions made two unresolved and three defeats, and they will try to perform the task in the presence of Viola in the evening, in order to cancel zero from the box of domestic victories.

Redirecting attention probable formations, longo should decide for 3-4-1-2 with the former Sportiello in goal, Goldaniga, Ariaudo and Capuano to form a defense trio. Zampano and Beghetto will work along the outer trails, while the medians will be planted by Chibsah and Maiello. He will fly to act as a playmaker, following a tandem attack compiled by Campbell and Ciophani.

Stefano PioliInstead, it will change the usual and tested 4-3-3: Lafont between the poles, Milenkovic on the right, Biraghi on the left. The central defense pair will be formed by Pezzella and Vitor Hugo. In the middle of the field for Benassi, Veretout and Gerson, while the Church and the Pirates will advance to the side of Simeone's peaks, which reached the last post since September 19th. A judge appointed to administer the match is Mr. Fabrizio Easter section Tivoli.

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