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From her daughter to the death of Frizi, Antonella Clerici confesses everything


In the tenth episode of "Domenica In", Antonel Clerici is on the scene: "My life has changed since the death of Fabrizio Frizzi. Cookbook test? My heart is divided in half." Vittorio Garrone is my charm prince. "

Antonela Klerica and the relationship with television
Antonela Klerici congratulates Mary Venier on her return to "Domenica In" and reveals what her television: "It's fun for me, playing, easiness, we are very happy to do the job we love, not too much follow the rules, if I overreact to me I like to improvise. We are similar to this, we are doing very well. " "We are decent people," Mara Venier and Clerici say: "That's right. It's important to do this job with love and conscience, then there can be better things, the other less, sometimes you are at the top, and the others are not, the important thing is never You're not a queen, never stupid. " "Even if someone tries it" is another small arrow from Mara Veniera to some rival conductor.

Antonella Clerici and Prova del Cuoco
Mara Venier starts with the show "La Prova del Cuoco" which dedicates: "You are a great professional and a program that makes you great is" Prova del Cuoco. "" Yes, it was my home for 18 years, I went live and heard I was what people thought of home. I do not miss everyday life because I made a choice and that's fine, but I miss a relationship with people. I get up in the morning, something happened to me, I think I can say it, but no. It's a bit like a theater. "To review the RVM on the transfer, Antonella Clerici says:" The Kuvar's proof still excites me. That program changed my life and what was on television. It was the first such program and will enter the television books. We were funny and we were in the air without scripts. Then I met my Prince Charming and I realized that it was time to make a change in my life. Then what happened to Fabrizio Frizzi led me to realize that life was fast. He touched all of us who work here, we think we are immune and instead we have discovered the fragility of life. I had to dedicate time to my family and move to the village. "

Antonela Klerica and return to "La Prova del Cuoco"
Mara Venier is remembered when she left the program for the first time because she was pregnant with Maelle and Cleric lucidissima in phases: "There I had to close the circle, I unjustly broken. After the Sanremo festival was successful, everyone offered me programs, I did not even ask for an increase, I said I want to go back to the Cooka test. They tried to distract me in every way. They did not want to get it back, I said no 12,000 programs, and then I did it. I had to close the circuit. Now was the right time, I had to return my life and I did not want to disappoint the public. I did not want to go in the air to confirm the card, we are artists and we have to do better and more, my heart is divided in half. I could do many things: register it, transfer it to another location closer to me, but it did not look fair and honest for people who have been with me for so many years. "

Antonela Klerici and Fabrizio Frizzi
Mara Venier influenced the death of Fabrizio Frizzi on his decision and Antonel Clerici: "Very, I saw him on Thursday and the week was gone. We lived in symbiosis with Karl Konti and him." We did not expect something so fast and fast. that it was not good, it was obvious even that he wanted to fight and work. Fabrizio's disease led us to realize that there is no longer time to get lost in useless things, because sometimes what is now, and tomorrow there is no more. Okay, you think you're eternal and that's not true. I went into the air knowing Fabrizio left us and I have not forgotten, I have highlighted some of the weight. Even the battles for Auditel are now less interesting, I have changed a lot, give them the right value, after all we are monsters are excluded, we are glad if the program goes well, but not only ". And Venier: "There can be no one that affects life, there are more serious things."

Antonella Clerici, Carlo Conti and Fabrizio Frizzi in La Provie del Cuoco

On December 6, Carlo Conti, from the first illness in the studio "La Prova del Cuoco", Fabrizio Frizzi: "It was my birthday," Clerici recalls, "I will never forget the embrace we have made live." I swear Mari I did not know anything. became parents in old age and we had a very strong and special relationship. Now the studies are not more expensive, but the studies of Fabrizio Frizzi. "

Antonela Klerica and the birth of her daughter Maelle

Mara Venier reveals that the conductor "Portobello" has done a lot of invasive therapies to get pregnant and it confirms: "Yes, I wanted to become a mother, I was doing crazy care. I'm nonsense, I was biting my stomach before I went into the air. Before Maelle I lost my child, but I am persistent and positive and I knew it would happen. Maelle is a social, cheerful, but easily educated baby. "" Relations with dad Eddie are good, she has a girl I really like. "They live in Brussels and she loves my baby, I'm happy to go see him, especially if Carmen. She's good at school, lazy like her mother and mangion: I'm barely a cops in the afternoon. "

Antonela Klerica and Vittorio Garrone

Mara Venier asks Clerici what kind of daughter she is, but the conversation ends on her mother's role, and Venier issues melancholy and anxiety ("I still hurt so much, I can not even see the picture"). So we are going to meet Vittorio Garrona with the lecturer, "Portobello" has eyes that shine: "My friend has known him for years and he told me:" I have a real man for you, that's your mirror, it's your values ​​and always smile, but we were both … Many years later, we met randomly separated in Rome. It was Monday night, and this friend of mine immediately noticed an intense feeling, for his part very physically, for his part of compassion. Judge and wait. His first gift was a sandy clock and he told me "ko no matter what you need. "He allowed me to decide peacefully, but I decided in a month." The relationship between Vittorio and Maelle is good, my daughter has no light character, but it always involves a real father's figure. to say that he listened more to his father than to me. " During the interview, Vittorio Garrone posted a message on Instagram for Clerici and la Venier: "I have to let you go," and then he jokes: "You know I woke up at 5 in the morning … I was cooking rice to jump for my husband, if this is not love … ".

The interview has an unexpected blow: Mara Venier walks the characters who make signs. "Yes, I understand, I'm not really nasty, I understand that I have a certain age, they are now a shelter, I know that there are pastas … It's been half an hour since they made signs to me!" Antonela Klerica: "They also work with me in Portobello, the next Saturday I scream" we are not vicious, we all understand, we see outside the camera "! There is time for linguistic slide. Mara Venier asks cook Daniele Persegani why he did not bring a fried dumplings and that" Become soft. "

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