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Genoa's decree: the majority were beaten on Ischia's amnesty

They are evicted to Ischia with less wide meshes. Most were blamed for the amendment to the 25th Decree from Genoa
which regulates amnesty practice in Ischia, by which the Senate Commission for Public Works and the Environment votes. amendment
25.12. Seeks to suppress the part for which the amnesty application applies the provisions of the law on February 28, 1985. n.
47. Twenty-three votes for 22 against and one restraining as hard as Senator Movement 5 Star Paola
Nugnes. While pentastelato Gregorio De Falco voted in favor of the amendment. The amendment was introduced by the senator
of Forza Italia Urania Giulia Rosina Papatheu, katan, class 1965. The conversion into the Decree Law expires on November 28 and with the approval of the amendment
the text should be returned to the Comoros exam. But amendments to the Senate have been approved by the committee
classroom. And the text, assured the Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio, a passport approved in the House. Operation certainly works
opposition to rise.

Fi senator from Fi Papathe rejoices
It is still closed in the committee to vote the other emendamens are looking forward to Twitter in Italy Urania Giulia Rosina Papatheu: At the trial of the facts this government shows that it is weak and without a majority. # vinteriscoming. Law 47/1985 calls "norms"
related to the control of urban construction activity. Administrative and Criminal Penalties. "In Chapter IV, Articles Yes
occupy the amnesty of construction work, while Chapter V dictates the final provisions.

"25.12 In paragraph 1, delete the following period: For the definition of the cases referred to in this Article, they are exclusive
application of the provisions of chapters IV and V of the Law of 28 February 1985, no. 47. "

Change of Senate Senator Papatheu

Di Maio gathers the leaders of the group at Palazzo Chigi
Luigi Di Maio gathered in Palazzo Chigi ministers and leaders of the 5-Star Movement after voting in the Senate of "Orthodox"
against the amnesty in Ischia contained in the Genoa decree. But one of the usual meetings on Tuesday evening at the M5 summit,
explain the sources of the Movement. This evening is held in the Presidency of the Council because the ministers were there
It's here for Cdm. That period of returning pay cuts, and I hope everyone wants to come back
pay for victims of floods because this is an important period: we plan to reduce the two million euros of wages
parliamentarians, said Luigi Di Maio, in front of Palazzo Chigi, of Senators M5S who voted otherwise
on the part of Genoa who sent the Co-government to the commission under the Ischia amnesty rule. What happened
in the commission for public works does not refer to a government or a majority that remains firm. This only applies to two people
who issued a commitment to citizens: Gregorio De Falco i Paola Nugnes. The work of the board continues and we will correct this unfortunate distortion in the House, announced the group leader
Movement 5 stars in the Senate, Stefano Patuanelli, on the margins of the commission's work.

From Reneissance to Nancy's tall opposition
Immediately tweets opposition senators. Today in the government the government was beaten on the amnesty of the building. wish
publicly speaking, thanks to the five-star senators who had the courage to vote against this shit, he wrote
on Twitter, former Prime Minister and Senator Pd, Matteo Renzi. The minority government in the execution of public works in # Senate on amnesty # Ischia. The battle won by the opposition,
on tveeted Riccardo Nencini, Secretary of the Socialist Party, was elected to the Senate at the Arezzo-Siena College Center for the left. Di Maio is beaten!
An amnesty in the Israeli amnesty building has recently been approved by the Senate Commission to avoid at least the need to use them
the rules of 1985 (most promising). The first step, but not enough. This rule should be deleted from DL Genova, tveeted
Vice-President of the House, Ettore Rosato (Pd). On a shameful condono edilio, the government entered at least the commission. Even many of the majority members
they had the dignity to vote against. We hope that the same happens in the House, on Twitter, a deputy of the Democratic Party wrote
Francesco Bonifazi .

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