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Go back to 'EUE' & # 39; to explain it


Some weeks after issuing the election of "Men and women"Two pairs of three have already reached the end of the line. The first ones to write were Angela Nasti and Alessio Campoli. According to the pretender, they would have left after thirteen days. At this time, the couple it was made up Giulia Cavaglia i Manuel Galiano It has been affected by rumors about an alleged betrayal committed by the suitor. Some time ago, the thief declared that the relationship with Manuel was over.

The proposal of a fan of "Men and women"

Needless to say, the faithful viewers of "Men and women" can not believe that the options issued at the end of May are motivated by a real feeling. In fact, they believe that, once the inscription has ended, the four have not even attended. A particular viewer published a comment on the Instagram profile of the author Raffaella Mennoia, requesting a special episode of "Men and women" to allow the trumpet and their respective options to give an explanation to the public:

"Raffaella, considered in September, is a small thing she should do: she invites Angela and Giulia to face her, to tell the audience why they have never seen these guys as soon as they chose the ball To say goodbye, but before leaving for Ibiza, he never attended. The public fortunately is not composed of a mass of muddled and I am also very sorry, because unfortunately a part of the public believes they are "your ideas" […] A comparison with these two thunders would lead us! ".

The response of Raffaella Mennoia

Raffaella Mennoia responded to the viewer's comment. He agreed with her and took the opportunity to publicly request Angela Nasti, Alessio Campoli, Manuel Galiano and Giulia Cavaglia in the study 'Men and Women' in September to make a comparison: "You are right. We will ask everyone, I say so publicly, to come and say it."

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