Thursday , October 6 2022

«I have a gift for you»


Elisa Isoardi, the alleged stalker. The man appeared in Dear's turnstiles

Here is the alleged prosecutor Elise Isoardi, the former partner of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. As foreseen by the Gente, at kiosks of November 17, this is a man over 60 years of Naples. Instead of being known in the city, he has upset the life of Isoardi over the past few months and reported in early November. The man appeared on Dear's turnstiles a few weeks ago. Immediately blocked by security, the man said he was a friend of the presenter in order to give him a gift for Isoardi.

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A man even heard that he was meeting a cookbook test. The envelope, which broadcast the sound, promptly warned men of safety that the package was subjected to bomb checks, even if everything turned out to be regular. The package – according to rumors spreading on Dear – would have even expensive costumes.

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