Friday , May 20 2022

If you do these things, you risk being banned by Vhatsapp


So far, Facebook has often suspended the accounts of its users, even if the sanctions have been ordered summarily. Many of us do not know and do not imagine that your account may be suspended even on VhatsApp, if you violate certain rules. However, it's better to be informed, however, because if everything on Facebook is for most of us limited to recreational and leisure time, and after the account has been suspended, it will lead us to deepest irritation, Vhatsapp's tool is often necessary to work or for other urgent and important communications. Here are the things you must absolutely avoid holding your account.

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  1. Send illegal, obscene, defamatory or threatening messages
  2. Sending messages that promote violent crimes
  3. Make a person's false account or present it in some way
  4. Send too many messages to people who are not in your contacts
  5. Try to edit or edit Vhatsapp codes
  6. Send viruses or malware
  7. Try hacking Vhatsapp server spy on someone
  8. Use Vhatsapp Plus (a fake application that has nothing to do with Vhatsapp and terminates user data for commercial purposes)
  9. They came blocked by many users
  10. A number of users report
    1. Many of the rules you have seen are obvious to citizens and normal people, but others are not at all, especially if you use VhatsApp for promotional purposes or organize events that, for example, involve many people who are not your contacts. And remember that algorithms that sanction violations have no sense of humor: the message can be considered "illegal, obscene, libelous and threatening" even if you send it as a joke to a friend with whom you share a taste of humor in black.

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