Tuesday , May 17 2022

In the draft tax decree also on safety at work, 200 million for Income – Economy


Quarantine, permit and Cig Covid refinancing for SMEs; a new intervention in folders; 200 million for the refinancing of citizen revenues. These are some of the measures in the draft – which is still being discussed in the pre-council – of the decree law on taxation that is expected in the Council of Ministers. A text of about twenty articles that includes the compression of illegal work to reduce accidents at work. The text also includes the ecobonus for the purchase of electric or less polluting cars. And there is also a rule to strengthen the security of the G20 with 400 more soldiers, at a cost of 309,159 euros.

The Council of Ministers was convened today Friday, October 15 at 11 p.m..

The funds for the single subsidy that now contain the generic fund for tax reform “move” permanently to the fund “universal subsidy and family services”: the draft tax decree, still subject to amendment, which formalizes, with accounting standard, the allocation of an additional 6 billion for the new instrument to help the family, thus guaranteeing the necessary resources for its full operation from next year. The one-time allowance will absorb the other existing instruments, from deductions for dependent children to current family allowances, with related resources.
A single decree, with fiscal measures and occupational safety regulations. The vehicle of the single decree would also serve to facilitate the parliamentary task of examining and converting the provision, in the budget session that is about to open with the launch of the maneuver.

And the maneuver should be examined by the Cabinet on Monday. He learns from various government sources at the end of the control room at Palazzo Chigi.

In the tax decree new measures will be introduced in the folders: This is confirmed by several sources at the end of the control room in the Palazzo Chigi. The measures should include one of those required by the document of the Finance Commissions on collection, ie the delay of 5 months for the payment of invoices suspended during the Covid emergency that the Income Agency began sending taxpayers in September.

It comes with the tax decree the refinancing of the ecobonus for cars. This is learned from sources in the Lega government, according to which the proposal of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti would have been accepted in support of the automotive sector.

The refinancing of the Citizenship income until the end of 2021 and Flight Fund to cover the Alitalia Cig in 2022. According to what is learned from government sources, they should be among the measures of the tax decree as part of the package of interventions on works proposed by Minister Orlando. The interventions, which are being considered tonight in the control room, should also be concerned about the quarantine allowance until the end of the year, the works under administration and, as announced, another 13 weeks of Cassa Covid for to companies that have consumed them completely, to allow them to arrive on 31 December.

“It will strengthen and address the suspension of activities where occupational safety regulations are not respected, it is very important: today there was a threshold of 20% for illegal work, it is reduced to 10% for illegal work “Allow the suspension of activities”. Thus, the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi on occupational safety standards.

A short but positive meeting. The government says strong intervention in the coming hours “for safety in the workplace.” Other measures will be taken with subsequent measures. “Thus, the Secretary General of the ICFTU, Luigi Sbarra, after the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. In addition, in the refinancing of the cig Covid until the end of the year, in the fiscal decree sickness benefits for people in quarantine. A first positive opinion on the set of these interventions “.

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