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It’s time to strengthen your immune defenses for the fall with these tricks


Autumn is about to arrive and here comes the flu and cold in time. How to strengthen our body in view of the colder temperatures? Fortunately, there are some good habits we can practice throughout the year and some natural foods and remedies that can help strengthen us. immune defense.

Here are some foods that are allied to the immune system and some valuable tips that remind us how a healthy diet and regular physical activity are essential to protect the body from disease.

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TheAll is a food considered capable of strengthening immune defenses by stimulating the multiplication of the cells with which they are treated fight infections. These characteristics are attributed to garlic due to its content in allicin and sulfides. Garlic would also be able to help the body ad expel toxins and cancer cells, as well as from protect the heart preventing plaque formation in the arteries.


According to Harvard Medical School, it is currently unclear from a scientific point of view how ginseng root works to strengthen the immune system. This is an aspect that will still have to be studied in depth from the point of view of scientific studies, through more extensive research that needs to be carried out in this regard, compared to what is currently available. Harvard Medical School, however, includes it among the remedies to strengthen the immune system that are currently arousing interest in the scientific world. He ginseng natural medicine counts it among the remedies to be used to stimulate the immune system in the presence of a decrease in the body’s defenses.

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Citrus fruits

It’s probably no coincidence that the file citrus fruits can be brought to the table during the winter season. Its content of Vitamin C helps the immune system protect us from disease, as well as strengthen the body, promoting diseaseiron absorption content in plant foods. Consume fruits and vegetables of different types and in various ways allows the body to guarantee all the vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, in particular vitamin A and vitamin E.


Equinacea intake is generally recommended in phytotherapy to prevent colds typical of the winter months. Echinacea can be purchased in the form of an herbal extract included in capsules or as a dry extract for the preparation of herbal teas. Echinacea extracts are considered useful in promoting the body’s natural immune defenses. It is able to act by increasing the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria and viruses, due to their immunostimulatory action.

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Carrots and all plant foods rich in Beta carotene, orange or red, help strengthen our immune defenses. In fact, beta-carotene helps increase the number of cells capable of doing so fight infections, supports the action of T lymphocytes and contributes to the elimination of free radicals, promoting the body’s purification processes and helping to counteract aging. It also stimulates macrophage cells to produce capable substances destroy cancer cells.


There are mushrooms considered gods real drugs, called shiitake, maitake i reishi. They contain betaglucani, complex carbohydrates that enhance the activity of the immune system against infections and cancer, as well as reduce allergies related to a malfunctioning immune system. Scientific studies have focused on the extracts contained in these mushrooms, which could be beneficial if added to our diet. Beta-glucans are also contained in oat bran and in whole oats.

Avoid refined sugar

One of the substances to avoid so as not to compromise the activity of the immune system it is made up of refined sugar, according to the doctor Brigitte Mars, herbalist and author of the bookThe Herbal Medicine Desk Guide ”, foods and beverages rich in refined sugar, hinder the proper functioning of our body’s natural immune defenses.

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Reduce stress

Stress harms the functioning of the immune system and for this reason we should learn to release the tensions to which we are subjected daily, in order to protect our health. Stress it weakens white blood cells making them less prepared to react to external dangers, reducing their ability to act against inflammation and thus leaving us more exposed to disease. To reduce stress, it is good to participate in relaxing activities often such as yoga, outdoor walks and fun activities with children and animals. He movement and physical activity is considered a remedy to reduce stress.

Rest well

Rest helps our body to regain your energy and strengthen, also in terms of immune system activity. Lack of sleep and rest has the effect of causing real stress in our body, hindering the functionality of the immune system and elevating inflammatory states. This creates a combination that makes us be more exposed to the risk of contracting diseases.

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Quit smoking

He cigarette smoke, with special reference to tobacco, is complicit in the increase of inflammatory states, increases the formation of mucus in the respiratory tract and inhibits the action of cilia arranged inside the nasal cavities to remove them. It is a condition that it exposes us more to infections and that causes the immune system to struggle to fight them. Passive smoking is also accused, to which non-smokers and children should never be exposed, so as not to impede the proper functioning of the immune defenses.

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