Wednesday , August 4 2021

Juventus Market: Pjanic’s starter with Barça, but still on sale. A Locatelli | News

In Bosnian there is also Tottenham from the old Paratici. Sassuolo does not lower the demands, but negotiates

the Juventus he did not abandon the idea of ​​returning to Juventus Miralem Pjanic, but mixed signals arrive from Barcelona. If it is taken for granted that the Catalan club is interested in unloading the Bosnian after a single season, the fact that coach Koeman has deployed Holder of Pjanic in the friendly against Nastic he shuffled the cards a little. It is unlikely that Barça will change their strategy, but Juventus are not alone with the player: even the Tottenham of the former director Paratici is willing to make an offer.

However, the priority in the middle of the Allegri field remains Manuel Locatelli with the Sassuolo player who made it clear in every way that he wanted to accept only the fate of Juventus. However, the neroverde company remains firm in its financial application, willing to talk about the formula, whether an annual or two-year loan, onerous or not, but not the fact that it must be reduced the rescue.

The first one does not Juventus reached the proposal of 5 million annually for the two-year loan plus 25 million and bonus for the right of redemption. Sassuolo, as mentioned, not only wants to get the obligation, but also wants to get at least 40-45 million thanks to the interest of Arsenal, which is willing to reach these figures. Locatelli, however, wants Juve and Sassuolo to be forced to negotiate, but without devaluing their player: the request is 8-10 million for the prestigious loan and another 35 for mandatory repayment.

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