Thursday , July 7 2022

Leonardo, who falls on the stock market for analysts, is convenient



From Leonard's quarterly account margins were lower than expected and in the already delicate market due to political uncertainty and large spread of conflict in accounts is not forgiven. The name of the company under the leadership of Alessandra Profumo loses 8.87% and deals with 8.854 euros. Nevertheless, the opinions of the main investment bank's analysts about Leonardo they remain positive.

Banca Imi, which has an additional rating and a target price of 12.1 euros, points out that the third quarter, as usual, was not a particularly significant quartile for the group, and "we do not worry about a custom EBIT lower than expectations. Banca Imi adds that we are "convinced that the group can reach its instructions throughout the year".

For its part, Mediobanca Securities, which have an overrun rating and a target price of 14 euros, write: "We keep our estimates 2018-2020 unchanged and do not change our target price which is a combination of market estimates that reflects industrial multiplies and discounted cash flows (annual flows In our most favorable scenario, we see the appreciation potential of 90% which considers that the action reaches 18 euros in the event of a stronger recovery of marginalization expectations in the operations of the helicopter, fueled by an increase in orders and price power, m on our Leonardo numbers the 2018 price / earnings ratio is 11.3 times, which represents a discount of 45% compared to competitors. "

Finds also buy from Ecuit (a target price of 11.9 euros) and Banca Akros (a target price of 13.25 euros) which recognizes: "the third quarter was lower than our optimistic estimates and consensus, but Leonardo they confirmed the guidelines, and the fourth quarter should be stronger. That's why we keep our positive vision of action. "

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