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limited increase in horsepower at first, then more power will be sought- Corriere.it


Each Formula 1 engineer was authorized to develop the six macrocomponents of his power unit (engine, turbocharger, MGU-H, MGU-K, battery and ECU) only once between the end of the previous and current season ( 2021).

Updates are generally introduced from the beginning of the season, although Honda and especially Ferrari have decided to devote more time to their development. Although the Japanese motorist has brought his new battery specification to the track in Belgium, the Italian team debuts in Russia on a more comfortable track on the SF21 than the very fast Monza, the updated (complete) hybrid part of the its unit of power. the car. by Charles Leclerc. This means that the Monegasque rider will receive a penalty on the grid and will start from the back of the grid regardless of the result of the classification on Saturday 25 September. Only changes from other cars, as possible in Max Verstappen’s Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton’s W12, could allow Leclerc to win some positions.

By Carlos Sainz, however, we still have to wait. Replacing components to your SF21 will take place in the next races, taking into account both the performance advantage and the possibility of returning to the track. The update, announced during the summer holidays by Italian team manager Mattia Binotto, is significant, was scheduled for the Turkish GP which will take place in Istanbul in two weeks. Unfortunately, the problems encountered to power unit number 3, coupled with battery number 2, the only recoverable component of Leclerc’s damaged SF21 engine at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, changed the Italian team’s plans. No significant progress will be seen, at least in Russia.

The new hybrid piece has not yet reached the required levels of reliability in the bank, the team worked there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having planned to avoid possible problems with the old components does not help. For this reason, we will be prudent in exploitation. On the bench, the new power unit confirmed some progress and, whenever we have something capable of guaranteeing us a step forward, we try to bring it to the track. Said Charles Leclerc – I do not expect major changes, but I hope to see an improvement in the right direction.

The eight-horse upgrade takes place in Russia, but once its reliability is proven, it should guarantee twice as much as at the end of the season. A matter of mappings. Remembering that Ferrari lacks 25 horsepower of the leaders in terms of performance, the Mercedes power unit, if the new hybrid system produced the expected gain, in Maranello they would have reduced the difference by at least half.

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Ferrari will bring to the track one of the most important technological changes from the hybrid side of its history, as defined by Binotto a few weeks ago. Special efforts have been made to increase the efficiency of the entire system. The update will serve as a new basis for next year’s transmission unit, which, hearing the latest rumors, looks promising. Not to mention the fight for third place in the constructors’ championship against McLaren: in a season like this he presented the burden in this regard. Charles LeclercEven a small gain can make a difference, because margins are very small. We will do everything to win them.

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