Wednesday , September 28 2022

Link today, what we know so far


The first issues were reported on November 17th, November 7 and, although alternately, take several hours. The link is off and hundreds of users can not call (and of course to receive them) nor surf the web. Service Fixed Wireless Broadband (wireless broadband access, to be clear) does not work and you still can not understand why.

Expanding through sector services, it turns out that most reports relate to the wireless service. In particular, problems are concentrated in large Italian cities: It seems that most of the problems relate to Milan users, but the number (almost) of analogous nonconformities is also recorded in Rome, Naples and Catania. In short, Linkem is a bit "everywhere in our country and users are waiting for the technicians to break the skateboard and as soon as possible to resolve the situation.

Since Link does not work on November 7, what we know

As already mentioned, the causes that led to Linkema are not yet known. By checking the map of the report, however, hypotheses of similar reasons are possible to those left by Iliad. In the evening of November 7, even a French mobile operator registered several problems, preventing its users from making and receiving calls or surfing the Internet.

It can be assumed The antenna and repeater network of Linkema also had problems of a technical nature and of great importance, who have set up LinkO services on the entire island. At this point, it is still not possible to assume that the defects that were sent to Link are definitely returned. It is possible that in the next few minutes the situation definitely improves, but unfortunately it can not be ruled out that it will take several hours before the situation is finally re-established.

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