Wednesday , March 3 2021

Lombardy will be orange again from Sunday. He was in the red zone due to an error in the region in the “date of onset of symptoms” and the “clinical status” of the cases.

the Lombardy re-enter orange area from Sunday. The officiality came with the signature of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza turned onorder which decreases the anti-life restrictions in the region latererrada committed to technicians of the Pirellone in the communication of the data aHigher Institute of Health, forcing Traders e citizens to a lock of 7 days this should not have been there. A “supervision” which ignited the political debate between Milan and the ministry and fueled the protests of the trade associations, which quantify in 200 million euros jo damage only in the Lombard capital and advertise one collective action, also with the support of the mayors of Varese e Bergamo, David Galimberti and Giorgio Burning. Give Monday, therefore, they will resume the lessons present in secondary school. He superior, on the other hand, “they will be able to resume the lessons personally in accordance with the organization established in the operational plans of the Prefectures. As for the Lombardy region, the governor said Attilio Fontana – you have already activated the procedures for the file local public transport implement the provisions of the prefectures ” Sunday the shops will be able to accommodate customers.

Calculation error – At the base of the incorrect positioning of Lombardy in the red zone is an error in the calculation of the Rt, this is the indicator of the spread of the virus in the Region. The reason? Reconstruction is provided through a report from the Scientific technical committee, revealed by Corriere della Sera. The text talks about it “Rectification” by Pirellone technicians to “re-evaluate the risk classification relating to the week of 4 to 10 January 2021, following a new submission of data on 20 January 2021 with revision also retrospective from mid-December 2020 of the fields related to “symptom start date” ia “clinical condition” which lead to a reduction in the number of cases reported by the Region itself as symptomatic. “The risk in the region remains high, but the calculation of the Rt value changes, which therefore drops to 0.88 and, with the new rules , Lombardy “scales” from one side to the other. “Having verified that the new submission of data constitutes a correction of the same by the region of Lombardy, the Control room the possibility is accepted reclassification of the same based on the data provided on January 20, 2021 “. From here, the descaling of the measures. Translated: Pirellone technicians had made a mistake in indicating the date of “onset of symptoms” of a considerable number of symptomatic cases and there had also been an error in indicating the “clinical status” of the infected. All values ​​that have an impact on the calculation of the Rt index and that had therefore increased in the reference period.

The Fontana controversy – After appeal to the Tar (now useless) the last few days, the accusations of “slander” advanced on Friday, Governor Fontana, despite the act and position of the Ministry of Health, again attacked the government: result, “thundered. But the technical report released on Friday by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is clear: Lombardy ended up in the red zone because of their mistake. Analysis also shared by the government, with the Minister of Regional Affairs Weather in Boccia which he also reiterated, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, which the Minister of Health said yesterday, or that if ten million inhabitants were kept a week with shops closed and travel limits lthe fault lies with the incorrect data provided by the region itself which therefore destroyed the value of Rt denies any responsibility, with the new welfare councilor Letizia Moratti that a Republic denies having rectified during the week the data on infections and the governor Fontana who returns to the attack against the government: “To the professionals of mystification by the way, I repeat that the “requested data” in Lombardy has always been provided on time and according to standard parameters. In any case, someone in Rome should ask themselves why the Lombardy Region should denounce the problem ‘malfunction’ dell ‘algorithm which determines the Rt of the Iss. Those who, on the other hand, affirm the opposite, must prove it with concrete acts and not manipulating reality for propagandistic purposes ”. But the CTS report speaks clearly: “Rectification.”

The stages of history – On January 20, a day after presenting the appeal to the Tar, the Region of Lombardy sent lupdate of the epidemiological situation in which “a rectification of data relating to week 4-10 January“While protesting publicly, he stood up correcting your data. One mistake not even recently: what has changed is the “number of cases in which it is reported date of onset of symptom and, among those with the date of onset of symptoms, those for whom an indication is given clinical status where it is absent. “Changes that, the ISS report always explains,” reduce by with meaning the number of cases that have the criteria to be confirmed as symptomatic and, therefore, included inside calculation Rt“. Now, also on the basis of the latest follow-up available to Lombardy Medium rt a 0.82 (0.78-0.87), a revaluation leading to the region is possible orange area. A reconstruction that Governor Fontana answers: “In terms of data transmission, the Lombardy region has always sent timely data, accurate i correct“, Claims the Northern League, accusing him of fact false the relationship. Shortly afterwards the ISS published a note: “The Istituto Superiore di Sanità is a scientific technical body working with data sent by Regions and autonomous provinces e validated repeatedly of the same. This – we always read in the note – happens to 37 weeks regularly with all the regions and autonomous provinces. The Lombardy region, this week, has changed the data for the week before January 22nd. The change concerned in particular the number of symptomatic patients with confirmed infection in which the calculation of the Rt. This variation – concludes the note – led to the modification of the file estimation of Rt from The previous week “.

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