Thursday , May 19 2022

Males in Heaven: "I am drunk, I am not without months, I do not drink, and I have not stopped practicing"


You remember Alberto Malesani? He, Fiorentina and Parma from the Campioni, from Thurama to Buffon. today produces wine thanks to its firm in Trezzolán, in the province of Verona: "For some time I've been doing …". Even if his picture suffered for this: "Now give me a drunk dog!" All the fault of photography and social networks: "They are useful, but we need to be careful." The Malesans talked about this at Ski Sport: "Some time ago, the picture circulated me with a glass in my hand where I looked like a drunkard, but I was sick! I took several pounds because of thyroid problems, I took a cortisone every day. "Some guys met him on the street and stopped him:" Can we make a picture? " "The Males says yes, but recommends:" Do not post anything. "And instead …

"I am a drunkard, but if I do not drink months …"

"These guys posted a picture and everything started from there, and on my name several false profiles were created, but I never had any bills!" And wine? "It's not true I'm a drunkard, I spent months without drinking". The picture is aggravated by social media, but the Malays have not yet stopped, they are still hunting the adventure. Even without … VhatsApp: "I do not have it if some president wants me to spend a little time and send me a text message." There is no desire to stop then: "I never said stop being a trainer. After 23 years of club clubs, I would like to deal with the national teamThat's right, I spoke to the Greek Federation two years ago but did not do anything. I'm sorry to have badly closed with Sassuolo (season 2013/14, 5 games and 5 losses in Serie A) after only four weeks of work. Apparently it was my end. Although in my career, among trophies and individual prizes, I had my own good tasks. I am very proud of this ". Parma is in the first place, the last Italian club he won UEFA Cup 1999, in the final against Marseille. Crespo and the Church in front, Veron between the lines. Alberto Malesani on the bench

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