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mayoral candidates compared to Messenger. Waste, holes and bottoms for Rome are the strong themes


“The final sprint”: comparison between the four candidates for mayor from Rome. Carlo Calenda, Roberto Gualtieri, Enrico Michetti, Virginia Rays: four suitors in the highest place of the room Julius Caesar, four visions of Rome and its future. To the messenger the last confrontation before the polls where ideas and programs will come into play: for Rome to be a great capital of the world. The face to face live broadcast today Wednesday 22 September has focused on some of the strong themes of the election campaign: getting started waste, through maintenance road, but also the tourism, jo powers ei background for the capital and women. Finally, space also for the strategies of the candidates in view of a possible election and the idea of ​​the government team. The meeting was moderated by Massimo Martinelli, director of Il Messaggero, Ernesto Menicucci, no Chronicle, e Barbara Jerkov, Head of the politician.

Mayor of Rome, live coverage of the meeting

Priorities in case of elections

Calendar “Immediately an extraordinary clean-up plan of 38 million. Then check the status of the subway. The central point is the urban decoration. The problem of waste must be closed: the power plant, twice that of San Vittore. Replace the trash from the neighborhood. We want a clean Rome with services that work

Gualtieri “Extraordinary cleaning of the city, pruning of trees. We will reorganize Ama, with a local company. In addition, Rome cannot lose PNR investments. There are 400 Ater houses to assign. Then we will create a youth center for each neighborhood, to work and meet.

Michetti “Rome starts again from the suburbs. We will be a councilor in the suburbs to reappear the territory. We will also start a working group to remove the amnesty from the building.

Rays «Operational table with the productive sector of the city in Pnrr and the next Jubilee. Then, continuity with the work done so far: the new garbage collectors are on their way. Ama’s new trucks have also arrived which, along with the new staff, will continue to clean up the city. And then the new 5 tram lines will arrive ”

The sector to increase the welfare of Rome

Calendar “Culture. Museums need to be concentrated in the Capitol. At the moment there is too much dispersion. And then it invests in the university. Development and maintenance of current investors in capital.”

Gualtieri “We propose a great pact for development with the productive and economic system. Rome as a great audiovisual center. Rome creative city, to support companies in the sector. Then there is the big issue of aerospace and finance.

Michetti “Roma Capitale deserves the powers. Institutional collaboration with the government and the region is needed. And then focus on infrastructure. Starting with the subway. Then we have to close the railroad loop. The Rome-Lido line needs to be remodeled. Whoever does the infrastructure will first have a competitive advantage.

Rays “Companies are no longer fleeing Rome, but they are on their way. Rome can be an incubator of innovation, it will become the digital capital of Italy.

Rome and women

Calendar “Rome is an insecure city. We have a plan to expand the anti-violence centers and support network, starting with nursery schools. “

Gualtieri “Rome is not a city for women. At the first point of our program is the need to work on that point. Starting with pay parity. Then there is the question of the organization of the city. Our idea of ​​the city of the “15 minutes” is as follows: more social support, but also for work. We need anti-violence centers and we need to support women’s places. And then the availability and security of transport.

Michetti “Nurseries accessible to everyone. Then a nanny register. We need more protection for women who use public transportation. More video surveillance.

Rays “We will redouble our efforts against violence. We will continue to work on security. We have opened, and will continue to open, daycares and centers for children’s afternoon activities. We will strengthen investments to ensure that women are safe and financially independent.

Ballot, possible agreements in the second round?

Calendar “I will not give any indication of a possible vote. In my support there is only a civic list.

Gualtieri “I will not make agreements on the ballot. I will ask the voters of the other candidates to support our program. I will exercise my mandate as mayor with autonomy ».

Michetti “The only agreement I will make with the citizens of Rome”

Rays “I made the agreement with the citizens in 2016 on the basis of a program. They are the only bank on the right.

Waste: what to do?

Calendar “We need to double the San Vittore waste power plant. The situation is in chaos: waste power plants and street sweepers “

Gualtieri “It is wrong to create a new waste power plant in Rome. Instead, modern systems are needed. Next, we propose a new Ama structure: a Ama from the town hall. Containers should gradually disappear. It still takes two years to reach 50% recycling. We have to fight Tari’s evasion: by reducing it, the tariff can be reduced.


Michetti “There has been a waste plan since 2012. It must be taken into account. No damage to any type of implant. Many are needed for treatment. They must be chosen according to need: those who serve must be done, with courage. Then we need a landfill for services.

Rays “There is an operational Ama business plan. New garbage collectors, new vehicles, other containers. And then come the plants: the Ama reorganization process is underway. So far we have had to remedy the budget shortcomings left by previous administrations. There are plants in Lombardy. In Latium, municipalities do not know where to take out the rubbish because there are no plants or landfills. And it is the competence of the Region ».

Streets and holes, what floor?

Calendar “Double the investments. We plan to make a single power plant to rearrange the contracts of the road network, leaving the control functions to the municipalities. We need longer contracts, with bigger companies.

Gualtieri “We spend little and badly on maintenance: we have to bring the ordinary to 80 million, the extraordinary to 120 million. We must avoid the “carpet” mechanism that covers bad roads, but it does not solve the problem.

Michetti “We need timely verification of the state of the art. Then they have to be reversed: maintenance has to be cyclical. Plan the ordinary and the extraordinary to return to normal. Planning must be done on the basis of priorities, and then take care of the executive phase.

Rays “We have rebuilt 800 kilometers of roads in 5 years. The municipalities were funded with 20-30 million each, which gave them spending power. Many roads have been redone. But those led by the Pd (first and second) preferred to do something else. Municipalities need to spend better. We are ready to order the defective town halls. About 250 million a year are needed. With powers and funds of Capital we will be able to multiply the interventions ”.

The final appeal of the candidates

Calendar “I did a long and hard job respecting the city, knowing it thoroughly. I have a deep agenda. And most importantly, I am independent. The council will be constituted with the criteria of independence and competence. I will make it known before the vote.

Gualtieri “As a minister, I made fewer announcements and more facts: take home, among other things, the PNRR, the single check … I will put the same passion, I will put the experience. I will include the best forces in our city. In addition, I will choose the best and most talented to give a team to Rome. I will make it known on the way to the vote.

Michetti “Anyone who wants to collaborate will have to do so with respect, politeness and style. Rome needs serious and respectable people who want to do something. Feeling proud to be Roman. With a sense of responsibility. The key word is collaboration.

Rays “I am presenting myself again to continue the work done. It was not an easy and often invisible job. Today we have the accounts in order, we have resumed the competitions, the economy has worked again. We have planned it: this is the strategy to bring Rome to the future. About the infrastructures that we have planned and financed in part ».

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